Shipping costs:
*All records shipped in special exclusive vinyl mailers, marked as fragile and always immaculately packed with care, love & attention.

For orders under 500g (1LP), STANDARD POSTAGE rates apply:
1LP - € 8.00 (IRL) / € 9.00 (UK/Europe)
1LP - € 12.00 (USA & Rest of the World)

2LP - €9.00 (IRL) / €12.00 (UK/Europe)
2LP - €15.00 (USA & Rest of the World)

(1xLP weighs 180g + packaging = 350g approx / 2xLP set weighs 750g and therefore pushes costs up)

For orders over €50, REGISTERED POSTAGE rates apply:
1LP - € 9.00 (IRL) / € 15.00 (UK/Europe)
1LP - € 16.00 (USA & Rest of the World)

2LP - €13.00 (IRL) / €18.00 (UK/Europe)
2LP - €25.00 (USA & Rest of the World)

Deliveries will be posted twice daily (12noon and 4pm).
We are (*currently) allowed deliver to the following countries: IRL, UK, GER, BEL, NED, SPA, AUS, DEN, FIN, NOR, POL, ROM, CAN & USA.
*We will update this list on a daily basis

*Postage rates are always negotiable and we're always here to help. Not in it for a 'quick buck'. We're a real physical record shop and we really do appreciate you stopping by. If you have a sizable purchase, we'll look after you best we can on the shipping. We just love being lighthouses of music, directing the right record to the right port of call. Enjoying your music is essential these days and we're very proud to be part of the Discogs community. Feel free to DM us directly and we try and assist you in any and every way possible. We're so lucky to have a customer base like you.
Best regards,
Classified Records