HipHop & Rap

Perfectly timed lyrics over a thumping beat -- there's really nothing like Rap and Hip Hop. After all, there's no better way to start your morning, or hype yourself up for a big event! In fact, we have an unparalleled selection of Rap and Hip Hop vinyl records, to help you build your collection.

Our selection of new and pre-loved vinyl records spans genres, decades, and musicians. We even carry some of the best Rap and Hip Hop records available -- if we do say so ourselves. Browse our collection right here on the website; we've got everything from MIA to The Notorious BIG!


Diversify Your Vinyl Collection With Some Rap and Hip Hop

Rap and Hip Hop almost seem like a very niche selection for most record collectors. However, as a record store, we believe that everything sounds better on vinyl -- especially Rap and Hip Hop music. Switching to records means no more tinny bass or sharp vocals.

In fact, when listening to a Hip Hop record, you're treating your ears to warmer, richer tones than you're used to. With dozens of Rap masterpieces available on vinyl, switching to analogue is the obvious choice. With vinyl, you're also getting the most out of your listening experience.


Before adding a Hip Hop vinyl or two to your collection, you might have some questions. In this case, we want to help! At Classified Records, we've put together a list of FAQs about Hip Hop and Rap music albums!

Does Hip Hop Sound Good On Vinyl?

Yes, Hip Hop albums sound much better in an analogue setting. With digital versions, files are compressed to fit onto a website or an app -- like YouTube or Spotify. This results in quality loss; therefore, digital Rap music albums might not sound as warm or deep as it does on your turntable.

Plus, with a good turntable setup, you allow space for sound. This means that your favourite Hip Hop music can permeate the room, feeding pure, lossless quality into your ears.

What Is a Rap LP?

Most Rap and Hip Hop vinyl records are LPs. But what exactly are LPs? Well, LP stands for long play, which essentially means that it's a full album.

Therefore, when you purchase a Rap LP, you're actually purchasing the specific album. However, depending on the LP edition, you might be buying a limited edition copy, a re-release, or a pressing in a different colour.

What Are the Must-Have Hip Hop Vinyls?

The Hip Hop genre is incredibly vast. This means that choosing a handful of must-haves is an extremely tough spot. After all, with all the sub-genres and styles, there are countless contenders.

However, at Classified Records, we've picked out three must-have vinyl records to kickstart your Hip Hop and Rap collection. Our picks are...

Wu-Tang Clan's Legend of the Wu-Tang. Featuring rappers like ODB and Raekwon, Wu-Tang Clan was the original Hip Hop supergroup. This album features several hits like C.R.E.A.M. and Protect Ya Neck.

Kala, by M.I.A. Named after her mother, Kala is decidedly M.I.A.'s best work. With heavy influences from her South Asian heritage, this masterful Hip Hop vinyl also features Paper Planes, one of her biggest bops to date.

Cole's KOD. A more current option, this album blends jazz influence with modern trap beats. The result? Hits like KOD, Kevin's Heart, and ATM, of course.

Where Can I Buy the Best Hip Hop and Rap Vinyls?

Right here, at Classified Records! Our Rap and Hip Hop vinyl selection spans decades, sub-genres, and countries. In fact, our collection of new and pre-owned vinyl records just can't be beaten.

If, however, you're looking for something a little different, we can help with that, too! At Classified Records, we've got years of experience in sourcing limited edition vinyls. Simply send us a message, detailing what you're looking for, and we'll do our best to accommodate you.

For all your vinyl record needs in Ireland, make Classified Records your A-Side and B-Side.