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Is Disco the Same As Funk?

Despite their rhythmic similarities, Disco and Funk are two very different genres. However, both these musical genres are rhythm-driven. They can also both utilise "four-on-the-floor" drum and bass patterns. Therefore, telling them apart can be a little difficult.

To tell the difference, it all comes down to Blues. Funk music often relies heavily on blues-influenced tonality. This means that it can sound a lot more varied, in terms of tone. Funk also often leans heavily on jazz influences, so it might sound more improvised and embellished.

Disco music, on the other hand, can often sound diatonic. This means that Disco is very in line with scale pitches and octaves. Because of this, Disco can sound more polished (and less improvised) than Funk music does.

While it might take some time to tell the difference between Disco and Funk, it's definitely possible! Why not pick up one record of each, and put them on? With a few listening sessions, you'll be able to tell the difference -- extremely easily!

What Is Disco Funk?

Earlier, we mentioned that Disco and Funk are two separate musical genres. However, as Bob Dylan once said, "The times, they are a-changin'.". With more and more people experimenting with music, we now have Disco Funk as its own genre.

While accounts vary, we'd say that Disco Funk popped up during the '80s. Like so many other genres (Boogie, Dance-Pop, and Techno, for example) Disco Funk is part of the post-disco era. Many artists have tried their hand at this combination -- including Luther Vandross on his 1981 hit, She's A Super Lady.

What Is 70s Funk Music?

Funk music spans decades -- originating with the inimitable James Brown in the 1960s. However, '70s Funk music is, by far, the most notable of the genre. By then, the genre had expanded to include artists like the Isley Brothers, and Kool and the Gang.

Furthermore, the '70s saw artists from different genres were moving towards a funkier sound. For example, Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye all recorded and produced successful Funk music. This is where Disco music also comes into play. Many successful Funk artists produced classic Disco numbers -- from Diana Ross to Barry White!

This era also saw Funk music diversifying into several sub-genres. Most notable of this was Jazz-Funk, a genre that featured the great Miles Davis. In fact, his experimental album, On the Corner, is long-considered a cornerstone of Jazz-Funk.

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