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If your music taste errs a little off the beaten path, then you've come to the right place! After all, our Indie vinyl record selection encompasses decades, acclaim, and sub-genre. Shop Indie and Alternative music, from Depeche Mode, to Warpaint.

At Classified Records, we believe that there's something for everyone. Because of this, we don't just stock classic vinyls and Top-40 must-haves. Instead, our Alternative music selection aims to showcase the entire genre. Sure, it's a gargantuan task... but somebody has to do it.

Alternative and Indie Really Is for Everyone!

Sure, there may be some... stereotypes surrounding Alternative and Indie music, especially if you grew up in the 2000s. However, we'll bet you didn't know that these genres have been around since the 1970s -- at the very latest.

With Alternative and Indie music encompassing several sub-genres, there really is a sound for everyone. At Classified Records, we want to help you find it. Browse our Indie vinyl collection -- and add to yours -- today!


Before adding to your Indie vinyl collection, you might have a few questions. At Classified Records, we want to help -- to the best of our abilities. Therefore, we've put together a list of FAQs, related to Indie and Alternative music!

What Is Alternative and Indie Music?

In a nutshell, Indie music is simply independently-produced music. This means that it doesn't involve commercial record labels.

Due to this, Indie music often has a specific aesthetic or sound -- despite not ascribing to a single sub-genre. For this reason, some audiophiles can immediately pick out Indie music from their more contemporary counterparts.

Alternative music, on the other hand, has long been considered a sub-genre of Indie music. Also known as Alternative Rock, this genre features musicians who predominantly adopt a DIY approach to their work. Here, the connection between Alternative and Indie is evident.

Is the Alternative Music Genre the Same As Indie?

No, Alternative music isn't the same as Indie music. While Alternative is considered an Indie sub-genre, this sometimes isn't the case at all. In fact, a number of Alternative artists go on to sign deals with major record labels -- especially after achieving cross-genre popularity.

However, some Alternative artists continue to operate within the Indie genre, as they feel this gives them more control over their music. Therefore, while Alternative music is an Indie sub-genre, it's not the same thing at all.

What Is an Example of Indie Music?

At Classified Records, we believe that all music -- including Indie -- sounds much better on vinyl. Because of this, we've compiled a few examples of stand-out Indie music albums.

Unknown Pleasures by Joy Division. Plastered across t-shirts and posters, this album's artwork is nothing short of iconic. Plus, it gave way to hits like She's Lost Control and New Dawn Fades. It's a welcome addition to record collections everywhere.

Florence & The Machine's How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. A brilliant concept album, it birthed several magnificent songs, like What Kind of Man and Ship to Wreck. Plus, it doesn't get any better than Florence Welch.

The Ascension by Sufjan Stevens. Released through Stevens' own record label, this is the epitome of an Indie vinyl. Featuring distinctive songs like America and Sugar that double as cultural critiques, it's some of his more recent -- and more interesting -- work.

Where Can I Buy Alternative and Indie Music Vinyl Albums?

When looking to add an Indie vinyl or two to your record collection, look no further than Classified Records. There's almost certainly something for you, hidden amongst our vinyl collection. However, if we don't stock something you're looking for, don't give up!

Simply shoot us a message, and we'll aid you in your search for it. After all, with years of vinyl expertise under our belts, we know exactly how to find the limited edition you've been searching for. For all your Indie vinyl needs, make it Classified Records.