Funkadelic - Maggot Brain (Vinyl)

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Maggot Brain is the third studio album by the American funk band Funkadelic, released by Westbound Records in July 1971. It was produced by band leader George Clinton and recorded at in Detroit during late 1970 and early 1971. It was the final album recorded by the original Funkadelic lineup; after its release, original members Tawl Ross, Billy Nelson & Tiki Fulwood left the band for various reasons. Today, it is perhaps best known for its 10-minute title track, performed by guitarist Eddie Hazel. A magnificent, dark, brooding funk album that Pitchfork named it the 17th best album of the 1970s.

LP pressing on gatefold 180-gram vinyl. On limited edition peach-splattered vinyl.


This is one smoulderingly beautiful funk album...yes and it's called Maggot Brain. The album cover is one of my all-time favorites (it's framed on my wall right now) but the music is even better. Eddie Hazel's guitar work is really so impressive, it's extreme talent without overdoing it, just the right balance is a rare find. The feedback and the echoing of the guitar are just brilliant, it's goosebump inducing seriously. If you want to get hooked, listen to the title track and be blown away, I guarantee you won't be able to quit listening and you'll probably be sold on Funkadelic for life. It's instrumental, but it's probably the best of it's kind. "Can You Get to That" is a more traditional group funk song, it's almost folk-like but it's got a great groove and many interesting voices, truly a great song also. "Hit It and Quit It" has a great riff and is infectious as heck, another classic head nodding funk masterpiece. I love the chord progressions and the heavy bass of "You and Your Folks, Me and My Folks" seriously not a duff note on the album. "Super Stupid" picks up the tempo for a Jimi Hendrix-like tune that rocks as hard as any classic rock song if not moreso. "Back in Our Minds" has a really interesting sound effect like banging a spoon against a cup with water (there is a wicked bend sound that is addictive)...I dunno what the heck it's actually called but it's super neato. It's more of a slower groove but it's a great one, sort of like old friends getting together and having a great time. Lastly "Wars of Armageddon" comes on with some african style drumming, various sound loops and effects, it's quite a funky psychedelic piece that goes through various segments but it's always interesting. This album as a whole is pure genius, they prove they can tackle anything they want and do it better than anyone else and they can look cool doing it. I wasn't ready for this album until I got into my "funk stage" but now that I'm there I can't imagine being without this.

By: GoreGirl.

A1 Maggot Brain
A2 You Can Get To That
A3 Hit It and Quit It
A4 You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks
B1 Super Stupid
B2 Back In Our Minds
B3 Wars Of Armageddon

Catalogue Number: 0825646289448

Record Label: Westbound Records