Folk Singer & Songwriter

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After all, there's just something about a vinyl record from your favourite singer-songwriter. From uninhibited lyrics to inventive melodies, a folk record lends a certain timelessness to the ambience. Furthermore, it's a genre that everyone will resonate with -- no matter their taste in music.

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Singer-Songwriters and Folk Music: Stories and Song!

Over the past several decades, folk music has ebbed and flowed, shifting into the genre we know and love today. However, one thing has stayed constant through the years -- folk music leans heavily on storytelling.

Because of this, many singer-songwriters adopt folk music in their artistic ventures, especially when it comes to concept albums or their more self-reflexive works. Therefore, when it comes to music from a singer-songwriter, it's always best to start with their folk vinyl records -- as these are often their best.


At Classified Records, we want to help you get a handle on folk music from your favourite singer-songwriter. We also understand that you might have questions about these genres. Therefore, we've put together a handy list of FAQs to help you better understand them.

What Is Folk Music?

From its inception, folk music has relied heavily on storytelling. In fact, many different cultures use storytelling and song as a method to pass on cultural tales, mythology, and folklore. This makes folk music the perfect medium for a singer-songwriter.

When writing music, singer-songwriters often focus on the lyrical aspect. Therefore, they often lean towards folk music during their artistic endeavours.

Due to this, traditional folk music has now evolved into a more contemporary version. From simple call-and-response patterns, folk music can now feature elaborate rhythms and electric guitars.

What Defines Folk Music?

There's no one definition of what folk music should sound like, given that it spans numerous cultures and identities. However, scholars and historians agree that folk music is completely intertwined with storytelling.

It's also commonly related to forms of culture and community. For example, folk music, in its purest form, details natural, communal, or tribal experiences. After its revival in the early 1900s, however, folk music splintered into several sub-genres.

What Is the Singer-Songwriter Genre All About?

Singer-songwriters, generally, are musicians who write and perform their music, in its entirety. Sometimes, these musicians will also produce their own music, leading to a defining, unique sound. In fact, many singer-songwriters opt for guitar or piano-led music, which allows them full control over their sound.

However, as technology has progressed, so too has the singer-songwriter title. Musicians have branched out from the piano and acoustic guitar, with the help of software like GarageBand. This allows them to record, edit, and loop music at any given moment.

What Are the Best Singer-Songwriter Albums?

At Classified Records, we stock a selection of folk vinyl records. These range from the greatest singer-songwriter albums, to more niche collectables. However, some of the best albums from singer-songwriters are...

David Bowie's Station to Station. No vinyl record collection is complete without something from the Thin White Duke. Featuring tracks like Golden Years and Wild Is the Wind, Station to Station is truly an underrated classic.

Icky Thump, from The White Stripes. Sure, everybody knows the lyrics to Seven Nation Army. However, to really impress your fellow vinyl collectors, whip out a copy of Icky Thump -- their final offering as an iconic singer-songwriter duo.

Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago. With tracks like Holocene and a haunting cover of I Can't Make You Love Me, this is Justin Vernon's magnum opus. Plus, it's a great benchmark from where he started, to where he sits now, as a featured artist for Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Where Can I Buy the Best Singer-Songwriter and Folk Vinyl Records?

If you're looking to add music from your favourite singer-songwriter to your vinyl collection, then look no further than Classified Records. We carry a selection of the best folk albums on the market -- both new, and pre-loved.

If you can't find your must-have record on our website, simply shoot us a message. We'll see what we can do to help, and with a little digging, we might be able to help. After all, at Classified Records, we're here for all your audiophile needs!