Soul & RnB

Is there a more expressive music genre than Soul, or one smoother than RnB? We definitely don't think so. In fact, our collection of Soul and RnB vinyl records aims to reflect this.

At Classified Records, our Soul and RnB collection features the greats - from Billy Ocean to Billie Holiday. We also stock RnB vinyl records from more contemporary artists, like Leon Bridges and Brittany Howard. After all, we believe that a good record collection spans numerous eras.


Therefore, if you're looking to add to your vinyl collection, there's no better place to start than Classified Records. We have everything you could want for your collection - and then, a little more.

Sprinkle Some RnB and Soul Throughout Your Day - and Your Vinyl Collection

Sure, music streaming services are a great way to discover what you like, and what you don't. Ultimately, though, when you've finally found your sound, there's no better way to enjoy it than on vinyl.

Many audiophiles agree that RnB and Soul hold a certain warmth - even on a digital format. However, listening to a vinyl version makes it sound so much warmer; no more tinny basslines, or underwhelming backing vocals. Ultimately, RnB and Soul just sound better on vinyl.

If you're looking to beef up your collection, you've come to the right place. At Classified Records, our RnB and Soul records fit right into everyone's collection - from established collectors, to new beginners!


As ever, at Classified Records, we want to tell you a little more about RnB and Soul. While these are unforgettable genres, they might not be your first choice when vinyl shopping. Here's everything you need to know about RnB and Soul, before adding your picks to your vinyl collection.

What Is Soul Music?

Soul music today is very different from the music of its origins. However, one thing remains the same; no matter what era you're listening to, Soul music is extremely catchy.

Look out for Gospel-inspired vibes, a swelling chorus, and immaculate backing vocals. While themes have changed, the sound usually remains the same. From Aretha Franklin to Jamilah Woods, call-and-response has never been so captivating!

What Makes Soul Music?

Originating from the African-American community in the 1950s, Soul music originally had very similar styles and themes. Most of it comprised interpretations of popular religious songs, or new spiritual anthems. It also leaned heavily on its traditional Gospel roots.

Today, Soul music has evolved into several different sub-genres. For example, these include Motown Soul - which we all know and love, Neo-Soul - a hybrid of Soul and RnB music, and Southern Soul. The genre also includes British Soul, which paved the way for Sade, Amy Winehouse, and Joss Stone.

What Is RnB Music?

Known for its jazzy overtones and smooth beats, RnB has been around since the 1940s. RnB has long shifted away from its Blues origins, implementing more electric effects to its sound. For example, RnB backing bands often use electric guitars and synthesisers.

Often confused with Soul music, RnB also originated among the African-American community throughout the 1950s. However, over a 30-year period, RnB found its sound in heavy Gospel influences. Coupled with smooth, mellow textures, and a funky beat, RnB grew into the genre we know and love today.

Is RnB Party Music?

If you're deciding between an RnB option, or a Soul music vinyl, you might want to know when you can play these genres. We're happy to tell you that it all depends on you.

Both Soul and RnB are incredibly diverse genres. Therefore, you can definitely play both these genres at parties. That being said, it does come down to the artist - and the type of party.


Why not put on Michael Jackson's Thriller during your next house party? Alternatively, for your next dinner party, some Billie Holiday won't go amiss.

Where's the Best Place to Buy RnB and Soul Vinyl Records?

Well, we might be biased - but right here at Classified Records, of course. We carry an excellent selection of RnB and Soul vinyl records, fit for Nat King Cole, if we do say so ourselves. Whether you lean towards British RnB, or Motown Soul, there's something in our collection for you.

However, if you're looking for something outside our website, you can still come to us. We've been in the vinyl business for years - so we know exactly where to source that elusive record, RnB or not. Simply send us a message and tell us what you're looking for, and we'll try to help!

Whether you're looking for a new RnB vinyl to add to your collection, or simply want to browse our wares, make Classified Records your option for everything analogue.