Bring the New Orleans spirit to you with our selection of Jazz vinyl records. At Classified Records, we stock the best of the best in Jazz music -- Gil Scott-Heron and Frank Zappa, to name a few. If you aren't sure what you're looking for, why not opt for a Jazz-themed soundtrack or a compilation album?

Let these smooth, yet complex, tunes transport you to the Louisiana bayou, from the comfort of your living room. After all, there's no better way to fully embrace the atmosphere of a speakeasy, even as you relax in your favourite chair.

With a Good Jazz Vinyl Record Collection, There's No Need to Sing the Blues

George Gershwin once said, "Life is a lot like jazz; it's best when you improvise." At Classified Records, we're inclined to agree. A good Jazz vinyl record is the perfect soundtrack to your life.

Whether you're cooking dinner, reading a book, or entertaining, why not put on some Jazz? It fills the space with life, making conversations sound much more cultured. However, it's time to put down that Jazz CD -- it's time to make the switch to records.


Even the most adept vinyl collectors are bound to have some questions -- especially when it comes to Jazz. At Classified Records, we'd like to use our expertise for the greater good. Because of this, we've put together a list of Jazz-related FAQs, and the answers to these questions.

Why Do People Love Jazz Music?

Jazz music has remained popular for several reasons. Audiophiles often cite Jazz musicians' improvisation skills as part of why they love Jazz. Many Jazz subgenres also lean heavily on rhythms, making them a popular choice for specific kinds of dance.

Additionally, Jazz music is an important cultural touchstone for the African-American community in New Orleans. Due to this, Jazz has found itself firmly entrenched in the culture -- both of the place, and of its community.

At Classified Records, we believe that every Jazz album tells a story, and what better way to listen to them than on vinyl?

What Defines Jazz Music?

Generally, experts define Jazz music by its call-and-response vocals. However, there are a number of other aspects. For example, improvisation -- where Jazz musicians riff off each other, coming up with new and complex rhythms and melodies.

Jazz music also utilises blue notes, which deviate from the standard pitch, and swing time. This is a distinct use of rhythm, that -- more often than not -- is associated with Jazz music.

Originating in the early 20th century, Jazz now spans multiple subgenres. However, many of these subgenres still utilise aspects common in Jazz music. From vinyl and CD to cassette and now, Spotify, Jazz only continues to grow in popularity.

Is Jazz a Genre of Music?

Yes, Jazz is a fairly timeless music genre. In fact, it originated in the early 20th century and achieved popularity in the 1920s. Since then, Jazz has never wavered from the public eye.

From Jazz clubs in New Orleans to limited edition vinyl records, Jazz has cemented itself in the fabric of our lives.

What Are the Must-Have Jazz Vinyl Records?

At Classified Records, we'll be the first to admit that we're a little biased. After all, we believe that most Jazz vinyl records are must-haves. However, if we had to pick, we'd pick these three.

Frank Zappa's Rollo. A limited-edition release from Record Store Day in 2017, this vinyl is a must-have for Jazz enthusiasts and vinyl collectors alike. Featuring two delightful pieces -- Rollo and Portland Improvisation, it's the perfect Jazz tasting menu.

The Epic by Kamasi Washington. This vinyl is an excellent example of how Jazz has evolved. Featuring Kamasi Washington's saxophone skills, it offers a selection of his original pieces. However, it also includes an interpretation of Clair de Lune, a popular classical tune.

Gil Scott-Heron's Nothing New. A posthumous album, this Jazz vinyl is yet another Record Store Day exclusive. It includes acclaimed songs like Pieces of a Man and Better Days Ahead, making it a welcome addition to your vinyl collection.

Where Can I Buy Jazz Vinyl Records?

At Classified Records, we have an unparalleled selection of Jazz vinyl records for sale. Whether you're looking for cheap, more affordable Jazz vinyl options, or want something a little more exclusive, we can help. In fact, you can browse our offerings right here, on the website.

However, if you'd like something different, or an unlisted option, fear not! At Classified Records, we're well-versed at finding rare and exclusive vinyl offerings. Simply send us a message, detailing what you're after, and we'll do our best to help.

For peerless customer service and a vinyl collection to match-make Classified Records your go-to record store.