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Put the "House" in House Party With Electronic and Dance Music

Sure, you can always go the Spotify route. However, music just sounds better on a vinyl record. If you're thinking of throwing a house party or prefer a good, old-fashioned kitchen boogie, why not throw on an Electronic music record?

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Before delving into your vinyl wishlist, you might have some questions. At Classified Records, we don't just deal in elite vinyl records -- we're also here to help! Here are some questions people usually have about Electronic and Dance music.

What Is Dance Music?

We'll be the first to admit that Dance music is indefinable. This is mostly because of its history. In fact, modern Dance music has been around since the late-19th century. Therefore, it's understandably gone through several transitions, before becoming the Dance music we know today!

Dance music also spans several genres and interpretations. These include Swing, Rock and Roll, R&B and Soul, Salsa, and Disco, to name a few popular genres. Over time, Disco music eventually evolved into Electronic Dance music -- a genre that we all know and love.

Therefore, while there's no one answer to, "What is Dance music?", we can conclude that if there's a beat good enough to dance to, then that's Dance music!

Is EDM the Same As Electronic Music?

This answer can be a little tricky -- because Electronic music comprises any form of music made electronically. Usually, Electronic music is synth-heavy, with other electronic elements present. These commonly include drum machines, turntables, and circuit-bending.

EDM, on the other hand, is a fusion of Electronic and Dance music. However, because of its electronic roots, EDM is considered a sub-genre of Electronic. Therefore, while EDM isn't exactly the same as Electronic music, it can definitely be grouped in the same family.

Other Electronic sub-genres can include Techno, Drum and Bass, House, Dub, and UK Garage.

Where Can I Buy Electronic and Dance Music Vinyls?

Electronic, Dance, and EDM have all experienced a revival in recent years. Therefore, you might want to add a few Electronic and Dance vinyl records to your collection. At Classified Records, we're very proud of our Electronic and Dance music vinyl collection.

Spanning decades, artists, and sub-genres, our collection covers some legendary options. However, we also stock some niche favourites -- Beach House, anyone? If you're searching for something that we don't currently stock, we can help!

Simply send us a message, outlining your search, and we'll try to unearth a copy for you! For all your Electronic and Dance vinyl needs, look no further than the selection at Classified Records.