Warpaint - The Fool (2xLP Vinyl)

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The Fool is the debut studio album by American alternative rock band Warpaint, released on October 25, 2010, on Rough Trade Records. The album was recorded at two studios—Curves Studio and The Boat Studio—in the band's native Los Angeles, California throughout 2010 and was produced by Tom Biller, who also shared mixing duties with Andrew Weatherall and Adam Samuels. The band describe the album as the "older sister" of their debut, Exquisite Corpse (2008). Sounds like it was produced from the grave by Martin Hannett. A wonderful band, brilliant debut and an excellent journey to go on if you are new to them!

LP pressing on 2xLP gatefold 180-gram vinyl.


This is an album that took its time for me to love it. At first, I felt kind of disappointed because their Exquisite Corpse EP was still ringing in my head and its highlight and their best song so far, "Billie Holiday" was still firmly tattooed in my mind. But The Fool is a serene little masterpiece with its own merits. It has at least two songs which approach the magic the aforementioned number offered. This is a nine track album, quite short compared to most debut LP efforts but it actually feels very complete and showcases a band with serious ambition and an increasingly distinct sound. No longer can I compare them to Cat Power as they veer off to sonic territories beyond early Cat Power's favorite haunts. I actually believe that The Fool is a little more indebted to Fleetwood Mac. Witness the swoon and the dynamics in the harmonics of showstopper "Undertow". The opening verses have a lusty, dreamlike pull which Stevie would have approved of. Meanwhile, the alien reverb in "Shadows" is nearly overwhelmingly emotion-filled as the acoustic strums push the longing in the vocals and the lyrics to the extreme until the song becomes a trippy episode. The song shakes you to feel what is being said. It's rare that songs can do that especially to people who listen to a lot of music. And for those who think that Warpaint is out to revive the acid folk of Linda Perhacs or something, these girls employ some electronics which make their sound very modern and at least, not irritatingly vintage. Can I also mention the near perfect harmonies here? These girls know how to harmonize. It's as if they were all made to sing together. They bring out the best in their words and in the end, no other word matters than surrender.

By: Blair23.

A1 Set Your Arms Down
A2 Warpaint
B1 Undertow
B2 Bees
C1 Shadows
C2 Composure
C3 Baby
D1 Majesty
D2 Lissie's Heart Murmur

Catalogue Number: RTRADLP580

Record Label: Rough Trade Records.