Various Artists - The Rough Guide to Voodoo (Vinyl)

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Nine of the finest tracks culled from 'The Rough Guide to Voodoo' on 180 gram vinyl. The LP includes a download card allowing you to download the entire album as well as a bonus album by Erol Josué - 'Régléman'.

Welcome to the spiritual rhythms of voodoo, brought by slaves from the religion's West African birthplace to its incarnations in Haiti (Voudou), Cuba (Santería), Brazil (Candomble), Trinidad, and New Orleans. Grupo Vocal Desandann, Lord Nelson, Gangbé Brass Band, Maria Bethania and Dr John stand side-by-side in this unique take on voodoo's riveting musical history.


This is a really varied collection, ranging from Louisiana zydeco to Haitian tribal drums, and Brazilian jazz to Gulf Coast Blues, traditional to modern. It's a very high quality mix. I've got quite a few of the Rough Guide LPs now and this is one of the best. The free CD by Erol Josue that comes with it is fantastic, a real genre-defying mix that ranges from traditional, bluesy sounds through jazz and Latin influences to using electronic techniques. Quite seriously I've never heard something quite so hard to describe to people. The nearest I could say is, if you've heard Gil Scott Heron's last album (I'm New Here), it reminded me somewhat of that. But back to the main LP, the highlight for me is Shango by Lord Nelson. Wow, what a ferocious piece of music, the drums are hypnotising. I'd recommend buying this LP just for that.

By: JoeBobs

1-1 –Grupo Vocal Desandann Guide Nibo 2:05
1-2 –Lord Nelson (2) Shango 4:19
1-3 –Dr John* Marie La Veau 3:54
1-4 –Gangbé Brass Band Segala 4:28
1-5 –Baden Powell And Vinicius De Moraes Canto De Xango 5:50
1-6 –Bata Ketu Osain/Osanyin 10:33
1-7 –Lazaro Ros* & Olorun* Cantos Iyesa 4:26
1-8 –Toto Bissainthe Dey 3:37
1-9 –Maria Bethânia Canto De Oxum 5:13

Product Dimensions : 31.29 x 31.29 x 0.61 cm; 288.03 Grams
Manufacturer : World Music Network
Original Release Date : 2014
Label : World Music Network
Number of discs : 1