The Stone Roses - The Remixes (2xLP Vinyl)

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The Remixes is a compilation album by English rock band The Stone Roses. It was released in 2000 and features remixes by various producers including Utah Saints and Paul Oakenfold. 

With each year that passes after the release of The Stone Roses, the album looks more and more like one of the last truly inspired rock albums. The Remixes, compiled in 2000, sees remixes of ten of that album's tracks that do little to improve or expand upon the exuberant genius of the original John Leckie productions. Indeed, many of the remixers -- among them A Guy Called Gerald, Paul Oakenfold, Utah Saints, Grooverider, and Justin Robertson - seem unwilling to make many tweaks to the original tracks. Remixers who experiment the most present the best results here, especially since many of the remixes seem interchangeable with the album tracks. Soul Hooligan tones down "Shoot You Down" into lo-fi Madchester. 808 State turns "Made of Stone" into an aggressive, high-pitched piece of electro-pop. Rabbit in the Moon earns points simply for taking one of the more daring chances of the remixers, making over "I Wanna Be Adored" into a slow acid house excursion. Elephant dares to twist "She Bangs the Drums" into an echoing, spooky vocoder workout. Mint Royale adds layers of strings to the same song. Had many of the remixers spent more time with their arrangements and reproductions, The Remixes would be more worthwhile. Instead, it's far tamer than one would expect -- only occasionally insightful and markedly less interesting than the source material.

By: Tim DiGravina.

"Shoot You Down" (The Soul Hooligan remix) - 4:47
"Fools Gold" (Top Won mix) - remixed by A Guy Called Gerald - 7:12
"Made of Stone" (808 State mix) - 4:58
"Waterfall" (12" remix) - remixed by Paul Oakenfold & Steve Osborne - 5:35
"One Love" (Utah Saints remix) - 5:01
"I Wanna Be Adored" (Bloody Valentine edit) - remixed by Rabbit in the Moon - 7:40
"Fools Gold" (Grooverider's mix) - 6:05
"I Am the Resurrection" (Jon Carter remix) - 7:02
"Waterfall" (Justin Robertson's mix) - 6:20
"She Bangs the Drums" (Elephant remix) - 6:18
"Elizabeth My Dear" (Kinobe remix) - 4:53
"Elephant Stone" (Mint Royale remix) – 3:28

2LP set on black vinyl. 180g audiophile. Includes insert.