The Beatles - Rubber Soul (Vinyl)

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Rubber Soul is the sixth studio album by the Beatles. It was released on 3 December 1965 in the United Kingdom, on EMI's Parlophone label. The recording sessions took place in London over a four-week period beginning in October 1965. For the first time in their career, the band were able to record an album free of concert, radio or film commitments. Often referred to as a folk rock album, particularly in its Capitol configuration, Rubber Soul incorporates a mix of pop, soul and folk musical styles. The title derives from the colloquialism "plastic soul" and was the Beatles' way of acknowledging their lack of authenticity compared to the African-American soul artists they admired. The songs demonstrate the Beatles' increasing maturity as lyricists, and in their incorporation of brighter guitar tones and new instrumentation such as sitar, harmonium and fuzz bass,  the group striving for more expressive sounds and arrangements for their music. 

LP pressing on 180-gram vinyl. 

OK, so this is where the band started to become really consistent. You won't find any dud tracks on Rubber Soul but you will find a really good variety of styles and new instrumentation such as the sitar on the beautiful 'Norwegian Wood'. You'll also find piano such as on 'You Won't See Me'. Now this song, with it's la la lala's could have been right at home on one of the previous albums but the piano seems to lift it up a level. The la la lala's stick around for 'Nowhere Man' but whilst there's no piano on this one, the guitars are also so restrained to be almost non-existent. And that's typical of this album, less reliance on the rock 'n' roll and more emphasis on the words and melodies. I guess it's just a maturity coming through.

By: Muzzman.

A1 Drive My Car
A2 Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
A3 You Won't See Me
A4 Nowhere Man
A5 Think For Yourself
A6 The Word
A7 Michelle
B1 What Goes On
B2 Girl
B3 I'm Looking Through You
B4 In My Life
B5 Wait
B6 If I Needed Someone
B7 Run For Your Life

Catalogue Number: PCS 3075

Record Label: Parlophone Records.

Produced by: George Martin

Recorded at: EMI Studios / Abbey Road Studios, London