Lewis Capaldi - Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (Vinyl)

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Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent is the debut album by Scottish singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi. It was released on 17 May 2019 through Vertigo Records in Europe and Capitol Records in the United States, and distributed globally by Universal Music. It includes the top 10 singles "Grace", the UK and US number one single "Someone You Loved" and the album's lead single "Hold Me While You Wait", among several songs previously included on Capaldi's 2018 EPs Bloom and Breach. Capaldi went on a world tour in support of the record in May 2019, and finished the tour in October 2019. This album became the second fastest-selling album of the year in Ireland after three days of availability.

"The new Ed Sheeran?" Nah, more like the male version of Adele.
Don't hate me. I'm not saying it's my favourite album of all time. I remotely enjoyed it. That's all. There were some definite standout tracks, but a lot of it sounded the same. There was nothing really awful.
The thing I enjoyed the least about this album was the niggling feeling that I've plagiarised "Forever" in one of my own songs. And not just any song- one of my favourites I've written. I definitely heard it before writing the song but I forgot how it went, so I thought my song was completely original. But when you forget how songs went, they're not completely gone. I do remember hearing it the first time and being like "Wow, that's a strong melody!" It was obviously somewhere in my subconscious, resurfacing as an "original song." Listening to this album for the first time tonight was the only time I've heard it since. Maybe I'm oversharing, but I had to get this out.
Also, "Someone You Loved" and "Maybe" blatantly rip off each other's choruses. I don't even know how no one else noticed this- it's so obvious.

By: leavewhatsheavy

A1 Grace
A2 Bruises
A3 Hold Me While You Wait
A4 Someone You Loved
A5 Maybe
A6 Forever
B1 One
B2 Don't Get Me Wrong
B3 Hollywood
B4 Lost On You
B5 Fade
B6 Headspace

Catalogue Number: 060257742514

Format: 1 x LP 

Record Label: Universal