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InnerSpeaker is the debut studio album by Australian musical project Tame Impala. Recorded at a remote beach shack in Western Australia during the winter of 2009.

The album was recorded almost entirely at Wave House, Injidup, a beach shack about four hours south of Perth with 180 degree views of the Indian Ocean, with "no internet, no phone reception and no TVs". While it had been reported that Tame Impala were recording in a mansion, Parker ran into problems: "The mansion isn't really like a mansion to us, it's more like a big, wooden house; the roof was leaking and the power was so bad that it kept turning off and I kept losing drum tracks. I lost a whole day's worth of drum tracks one day while recording Innerspeaker. Sometimes the power would go off for a second, which was enough to kill off my eight-track, and I lost everything. We also had plastic on top of everything because the roof was leaking so bad". Still, he maintained that "it's the most amazing scenery [he has] ever woken up to" and that recording in the house was a luxury, with the scenery having a subconscious influence on the recording.

Innerspeaker features album artwork from Australian artist Leif Podhajsky. It features an image of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina, United States. The original image has been digitally altered using the Droste effect in recursion to make it appear as if the image continues into itself, creating a distinctly psychedelic feeling reminiscent of Pink Floyd's album cover for Ummagumma.

Parker revealed his intentions for the album artwork: "I had an idea for the album cover but didn't have the graphic design skills or the resources to carry it out. It was to be a shot of some scenery where the features of the landscape repeat infinitely into the horizon. Leif Podhajsky is an artist we found who has an amazing eye for weird cosmic art. We'll probably ask him to do the next album!" and "I think it's pretty important that you have the right image for people to associate with the sound. Especially the colours. With the InnerSpeaker cover we worked with a graphic artist for a long time to get the right shapes and colours."



Tame Impala are a rainbow sandstorm of stoned riffage, mindbending melody and blissed out adventurism from the most isolated city in the world who echo the lighter side of Cream, Blue Cheer and Kyuss. This is the band's debut album 'InnerSpeaker'. 'InnerSpeaker' is Tame Impala's chance to paint a far more extensive picture, and sure enough it redrafts the entire Tame Impala world as we knew it into an explosive, cosmic wonderland of ecstatic harmony and perfectly accessible journeys into inner space. Recorded and produced by the band's own Kevin Parker with Death In Vegas's Tim Holmes on the engineer duties, in an enormous mansion with 180 degree views of the Indian Ocean. It was then mixed in upstate New York, by renowned sonic maverick Dave Fridmann (MGMT / Flaming Lips). The resultant record will first be unveiled with the single, Solitude Is Bliss, a joyous summertime romp through fields of honeyed harmony and crispy good times and is just the very tip of the amorphous cosmos.

By: BigKC

A1 It Is Not Meant To Be
A2 Desire Be Desire Go
A3 Alter Ego
B1 Lucidity
Handclaps – Tansie Bennetts
B2 Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind?
B3 Solitude Is Bliss
Drums – Jay Watson
C1 Jeremy's Storm
Effects [Sound Effects] – Dom Simper*
C2 Expectation
C3 The Bold Arrow Of Time
Bass Guitar – Dom Simper*
Drums – Jay Watson
D1 Runway, Houses, City, Clouds
Guitar [Additional] – Dom Simper*
D2 I Don't Really Mind

A&R – Dreamtime & Walkabout
Artwork – Leif Podhajsky
Engineer – Tim Holmes
Guitar [Interlude After Bold Arrow Of Time] – Jay Watson
Management [Dave Fridmann Managed By] – Peter Shershin
Management [Managed By] – Jodie Regan
Mastered By – Greg Calbi
Mixed By – Dave Fridmann
Recorded By – Rob*
Written-By [Interlude After Bold Arrow Of Time] – Jay Watson, Kevin Parker
Written-By, Recorded By, Producer, Vocals, Instruments – Kevin Parker 
Gatefold sleeve.
Recorded June - August 2009

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