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Currents is the third studio album by Australian musical project Tame Impala. It was released on 17 July 2015 by Modular Recordings and Universal Music Australia. In the United States it was released by Interscope Records and Fiction Records, while Caroline International released it in other international regions. Like the group's previous two albums, Currents was written, recorded, performed, and produced by primary member Kevin Parker. For the first time, Parker mixed the music and recorded all instruments by himself; the album featured no other collaborators.

After the release of his previous album, Lonerism (2012), Parker began work on Currents, largely recording at his home studio in Fremantle. He engrossed himself with writing and recording, and in keeping with his reputation as a musical auteur, laboured over the details of each song, ultimately causing the release date to be delayed by two months. In contrast to the psychedelic rock sound of the project's prior work, Currents marks a shift to more dance-oriented music, with more emphasis placed on synthesisers than guitars. Parker was inspired to seek a change out of desire to hear Tame Impala's music played in dance clubs and a more communal setting. Thematically, the record is about the process of personal transformation, which many critics interpreted to be the result of a romantic break-up. The album's cover art depicting vortex shedding is a visualisation of these themes.

Currents was preceded by the release of the singles "Let It Happen", "'Cause I'm a Man" and "Eventually".



Tame Impala's Masterpiece on Emotional Heartbreak
It’s hard to believe that this album was written, recorded, performed, mixed, and produced by one person. Kevin Parker’s talent is in full bloom with this album. While the previous two albums were rooted in Psychedelic rock, Currents takes a sudden shift into a more psychedelic dance-pop sound. Currents seem to be influenced by 70s disco, 80s synth-pop, and 90s R&B. This album does have a heavy use of synthesizers, but the ‘psychedelic guitars’ aren’t entirely gone. The album carries themes of personal transformation and growing older, but it kind of all centers around a romantic breakup.

The album opens up with the hypnotic “Let It Happen” and it is easily one of the best Tame Impala songs. The track has the theme of just “letting go” and just go with the flow in life. The music itself is something I just can’t describe, other than it’s freaking incredible, this song is an absolute must-listen. After that, we get the interlude “Nangs” featuring a wobbling distorted synthesizer that just sounds like it’s from a GTA soundtrack. The next track is “The Moment” has a very 80s synth-pop to it and it is very nice to listen to and features a very hazy guitar solo in the middle of the track. I think this is about making a decision and finding the courage to break things off and that continuing theme of going with the flow.

The track “Reality in Motion'' is one of the most fun tracks on the album, the song is about Kevin’s thought process on making a move on a new romantic interest. The next track “Love/Paranoia” features only three verses and the track really brings that 90s R&B into play. I think this track is about Kevin suspecting that his partner is the one being unfaithful to him which gives him the reason to finally leave his partner behind. The final track on the album “New Person, Same Old Mistakes” brings even more of that 90s R&B featuring a fantastic drum beat, soft guitars, and spacey synths. On this track, Kevin is ready to be a changed person but is worried that he is going to make the same mistakes he made before, but he’ll never know if he doesn’t move forward. It’s a fitting conclusion to a great album.

By: Camodon11

A1 Let It Happen
A2 Nangs
A3 The Moment
B1 Yes I'm Changing
B2 Eventually
B3 Gossip
C1 The Less I Know The Better
C2 Past Life
C3 Disciples
C4 Cause I'm A Man
D1 Reality In Motion
D2 Love / Paranoia
D3 New Person, Same Old Mistakes

Recorded By [Additional Recording], Mixed By [Mix Advice] – Rob Grant (3)
Vocals [All Vocals], Instruments [All Instruments], Songwriter, Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By, Design Concept [Cover Concept] – Kevin Parker (2)