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Superunknown is the fourth studio album by American rock band Soundgarden, released on March 8, 1994, through A&M Records. It is the band's second album with bassist Ben Shepherd, and features new producer Michael Beinhorn. Soundgarden began work on the album after touring in support of its previous album, Badmotorfinger (1991). Superunknown captured the heaviness of the band's earlier releases while displaying a more diverse range of influences.

Superunknown was a critical and commercial success and became the band's breakthrough album. It debuted at number one on the Billboard 200, selling 310,000 copies in its opening week. The album also topped the Australian, Canadian, and New Zealand charts. Five singles were released from the album: "The Day I Tried to Live", "My Wave", "Fell on Black Days", "Spoonman", and "Black Hole Sun", the latter two of which won Grammy Awards and helped Soundgarden reach mainstream popularity. In 1995, the album was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Rock Album. The album has been certified six times platinum by the RIAA in the United States. In April 2019, Superunknown was ranked No. 9 on Rolling Stone's "50 Greatest Grunge Albums" list.

Probably the most true grunge release, since Nevermind was more punk, Ten was more pop rock and Dirt was more alternative metal. Here is the album which though a late party comer still managed to make a splash, and in my opinion this is Soudgarden best moment. This is the release where they have adopted a more radio friendly sound but still keeping the aggression and muddy guitars grunge is well known for. The release has great grungy vocals, which are pretty iconic and help the band give its own identity. But for me the highlight here is the amazing rhytmn section which has really consistent drumming and the guitars which though being discrete they provide some really good catchy riffing and teh occational solos. The release is really consistent from start to finish and has a lot of grunge anthems, of which i would standout "let me drown", "fell on back days", "head down", "black hole sun", "spoonman" and "the day i tried to live". An issue which i have with is that it is a bit too long, and doesnt really had a great deal of variety, but this is a relatively minor issue when the songs are this good. Though it is a very good release it has something or lack of that doesnt make it quite as enjoyable as the other albums i mentioned in the beginning, and im not even sure why (i guess its mostly their style).

By: 8ball

1. "Let Me Drown" Cornell 3:51
2. "My Wave" Cornell, Kim Thayil 5:12
3. "Fell on Black Days" Cornell 4:42
4. "Mailman" Matt Cameron 4:25
5. "Superunknown" Thayil, Cornell 5:06
6. "Head Down" Ben Shepherd Shepherd 6:08
7. "Black Hole Sun" Cornell 5:18
8. "Spoonman" Cornell 4:06
9. "Limo Wreck" Cameron, Thayil 5:47
10. "The Day I Tried to Live" Cornell 5:19
11. "Kickstand" Thayil 1:34
12. "Fresh Tendrils" Cornell, Cameron Cameron 4:16
13. "4th of July" Cornell 5:08
14. "Half" Shepherd Shepherd 2:14
15. "Like Suicide"

20th anniversary edition.
180-gram double vinyl, newly remastered from original analog tapes.
Issued in a gatefold sleeve with 12 page book with new photos and art and a digital download card.

Engineered and mixed at Bad Animals Studio, Seattle, WA

Track D2 mixed at Electric Lady, NY
Track D5 recorded at Bear Creek Studios, Wooninville, WA, mixed at A&M Studios, Hollywood, CA. Originally released as International Album and U.S. Vinyl Album bonus track

This reissue mastered by: Stephen Marcussen, Marcussen Mastering

℗ © 2014 A&M Records