Primal Scream - Live in Japan (Vinyl)

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Primal Scream are a Scottish rock band originally formed in 1982 in Glasgow by Bobby Gillespie (vocals) and Jim Beattie. Primal Scream had been performing live from 1982 to 1984, but their career did not take off until Gillespie left his position as drummer of The Jesus and Mary Chain. The band were a key part of the mid-1980s indie pop scene, but eventually moved away from their jangly sound, taking on more psychedelic and garage rock influences, before incorporating a dance/acid house music element to their sound with their 1991 album Screamadelica, which broke them into the mainstream.

Live In Japan was released in 2003 for the Japanese market only, on CD only. All were tracks recorded at Zepp, Tokyo across 3 dates in September 2002. This record was printed for the first time ever in 2017 and is spread across two discs. This show was during the XTRMNTR/Evil Heat Tour and captures the band at their peak; thunderous, dangerous, rhythmic, pulsating and magnificent. Songs are performed as they were intended to sound, Primal Scream were one of the best live acts you'll ever see. 


Long Review:

It's hard to believe that as of 2007, Primal Scream have been around for damn near 25 years. Over that time their studio albums have ranged from ecstacy-fueled electronica to 'Stones and Byrds soundalikes. When Live in Japan came out, the band was reaching the end of its political/irreverent/electropunk era that resulted in the amazing XTRMNTR and the underrated Evil Heat. Recorded in November, 2002 in Tokyo, this album focuses much of its energy on songs off of those two albums with two songs from each of their previous three albums being featured as well (those 3 albums being Screamadelica, GOBDGU, and Vanishing Point).
In many ways, this album can serve as a sort of best of compilation. The band tears through the songs with an apocalyptic ferocity that shows that they could certainly be compared in the same breath as some of their influences such as The MC5 and The Stooges. Moreover, not only is the quality of the playing at a high level, the sound quality of the recording is tremendous. Kevin Shields, who performed on the album as a third guitarist, did a typically astounding job mixing the album as well.
While many consider The Who's Live At Leeds the best live document of rock n' roll ever commited to tape, this album could certainly be in the same league in my opinion. If you enjoy The Scream and you happen upon this, definietely pick it up.

Short Review:
Fuckin' Rock n Roll.

By: Earclot.

A1 Accelerator
A2 Miss Lucifer
A3 Rise
A4 Shoot Speed/Kill Light
B1 Pills
B2 Autobahn 66
B3 Sick City
B4 Rocks
C1 Kowalski
C2 Swastika Eyes
C3 Skull X
C4 Higher Than The Sun
D1 Jailbird
D2 Movin’ On Up
D3 Medication
D4 Born To Lose

Primal Scream – Live in Japan 2002 features Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) on 3rd guitar, Mani (Stone Roses) on bass & The Memphis Horns. The last song 'Born To Lose' is a cover version of Johnny Thunders (ex-New York Dolls).
This record was issued for the first time ever on vinyl in 2017 and this package includes a giant promo poster.