My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade is Dead! - Live Album (Vinyl)

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The Black Parade Is Dead! is MCR's final performance as their onstage characters, the Black Parade. The Black Parade centres around a dying character called The Patient, who reflects on events in his life while he is confronted by Death in the form of his fondest memory, that of his father bringing him to see a marching band. This is based on frontman Gerard Way's belief that death comes to a person in the form of their fondest memory.[citation needed] The band is seen in their Black Parade uniforms throughout the performance, and during the first song "The End", Gerard Way is seen taking the role of The Patient, before tearing off his hospital gown to reveal his uniform. Behind the band is the backdrop seen on the video for Welcome to the Black Parade and the poster seen within the Black Parade CD case. On Bob Bryar's drums, the gas mask of the character Mother War can be seen. Way states in the track The Black Parade Is Dead! that the performance in Mexico was the "last performance by The Black Parade forever."The show is decorated with various lights and confetti. Fire is used during the performance of "Mama" and "Famous Last Words". The film ends with a credit sequence featuring the hidden track from The Black Parade, "Blood."

Customer Review

Well, a good live performance! It's the last album played live and if you liked the album you should like this too... It could have been even better than the album because there is less production and it all sounds harder and with more screams, but the noise of the crowd is really too much, I wish to kill those fuckin groupies screamin'! I like Way's voice, more than in the studio recordings. The guitarists in my opinion are really good. However, this performance is too short for a live show, they should start doing longer shows... Now I wish to see the full dvd version.

By: dkvlmdfsv;3


1. "The End." 2:34
2. "Dead!" 3:17
3. "This Is How I Disappear" 3:51
4. "The Sharpest Lives" 3:18
5. "Welcome to the Black Parade" 5:06
6. "I Don't Love You" 3:47
7. "House of Wolves" 3:38
8. "Interlude" 1:01
9. "Cancer" 3:17
10. "Mama" 5:21
11. "Sleep" 5:31
12. "Teenagers" 3:04
13. "The Black Parade Is Dead!" 1:01
14. "Disenchanted" 4:59
15. "Famous Last Words" 5:10
16. "Blood" (studio recording)

A&R – Craig Aaronson
Art Direction, Design – Matt Taylor
Bass – Michael Way*
Coordinator [Production] – Jeff Sanchez (2), Nayeli Hartman (tracks: A1 to C6), Paola Hernandez (tracks: A1 to C6)
Drums – Bob Bryar
Engineer – Doug McKean (tracks: D1 to D3)
Engineer [Front Of House] – Dave Rupsch
Engineer [Monitor] – Ivan Ortiz (2)
Guitar – Frank Iero, Ray Toro
Keyboards, Percussion – James Dewees
Legal – Stacy Fass
Lighting Director – Ethan Webber
Mixed By – Chris Lord-Alge (tracks: D1 to D3)
Photography By – James Minchin III
Producer – My Chemical Romance (tracks: D1 to D3), Rob Cavallo (tracks: D1 to D3)
Production Manager – Greg Dean
Recorded By – Anthony Catalano (tracks: A1 to C6), Guy Charbonneau (tracks: A1 to C6), Ian Charbonneau (tracks: A1 to C6), Steven Sich (tracks: A1 to C6)
Technician [Backline Chief] – Matt Cortez
Technician [Drum] – Jordan Duke (2)
Technician [Guitar] – Mike Frey (4)
Tour Manager – Lalo Medina
Vocals – Gerard Way
Written-By [All Songs By] – My Chemical Romance