Foo Fighters - Greatest Hits (Vinyl)

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Greatest Hits is a greatest hits compilation album released by American rock band the Foo Fighters on November 3, 2009 and includes includes a selection of Foo Fighters hit singles. Bandleader Dave Grohl has stated his displeasure with the release of a greatest hits album, stating he would have preferred to wait until after the band had retired. The band's label, however, had been wanting to release a compilation album for four years, and exercised a clause in the band's contract that allowed them to do so.

LP pressing on 2xLP 180-gram vinyl.

With the demise of one of my all-time favourite bands Nirvana in 1994, I was watching the remaining members of the band like a hawk, waiting to see what they'd do, if anything. Thankfully they didn't try to keep Nirvana going, the way some other bands have kept theirs going even with the deaths or departures of lynchpins in their groups. But imagine my teenaged delight (read: excited squealing and jumping around) when I found a little article in a teeny magazine that informed me Dave Grohl had a new band...Foo Fighters! We were told that there would be no video clip for any of the singles, but soon thereafter I watched back through a tape of the Australian music show Rage and stumbled across a video for "I'll Stick Around" - cue much more girly squealing and dancing. Even today, 14 years after the album's release, I still listen to this album and love almost every second of it.

By: earthcrossing.

A1 All My Life
A2 Best Of You
A3 Everlong
A4 The Pretender
B1 My Hero
B2 Learn To Fly
B3 Times Like These
B4 Monkey Wrench
C1 Big Me
C2 Breakout
C3 Long Road To Ruin
C4 This Is A Call
D1 Skin and Bones
D2 Wheels
D3 Word Forward
D4 Everlong (Acoustic)

Catalogue Number: 88697369211

Record Label: RCA Records / Sony Music