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Greatest Hits is a compilation album by British-American rock band Fleetwood Mac. It covers the period of the band's greatest commercial success, from the mid-1970s to the late-1980s. The album was released on 15 November 1988, by Warner Bros. Records.

It is different from the similarly titled 1971 release by the Peter Green incarnation of the band, and contains an entirely different track listing. The 1988 album in fact omits anything before 1975 including "Albatross", one of the band's biggest hits.

The album has proven to be a major success since the time of its release. It peaked at number 14 on the US Billboard 200, and sold steadily over the years since its release, and has to date been certified 8x platinum for shipping eight million copies there. In the United Kingdom it reached number three upon release and has returned several times to the UK album chart and has been certified triple platinum for shipping 900,000 copies there. In both the US and the UK, the album has returned to the album charts as recently as 2017.

The album contains two new tracks, "As Long as You Follow" (which was released as a single to promote the album), and "No Questions Asked". The track listing for the US release differs slightly from that of other territories. It includes the 1975 track "Over My Head" but omits the 1987 track "Seven Wonders" (despite it being a top 20 hit in the US) as well as the 1982 track "Oh Diane" (which failed to chart there in 1983, but was a top-ten hit in the UK).

A number of sources state that this album was the last to be commercially released as an 8-track tape by a major label. The 8-track tape was released only as a Record Club version, as regular retail 8-track tapes had long since ceased by 1988. There is also a possibility that Journey's Greatest Hits album may have been the last commercially released 8-track, as there is debate on whether it was released on 15 November or 22 November 1988.


As far as compilation albums are concerned, Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits is not terrible. This collection features 16 of the group's best tracks post 1975 including cuts from Christine McVie, Lindsey Buckingham, and Stevie Nicks. Tracks are pulled from albums starting with the 1975 release of Fleetwood Mac and extending to the 1987 release of Tango in the Night. For most Fleetwood Mac fans, this will suffice as a somewhat coarse, but ample representation of the group's best work over this time period.

My problem with Greatest Hits is the fact that this compilation does not do the group justice and does not paint the entire picture of Fleetwood Mac. Prior to 1975, the group seemed to undergo a lineup change with each album. What started as Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac, morphed into what most fans think of when Fleetwood Mac is mentioned: Lindsey Buckingham, Stevie Nicks, and Christine McVie. In fact, this compilation includes no tracks prior to 1975. This is a shame as "Albatross," a Peter Green creation from 1968, charted at number one in the UK. Early Fleetwood Mac had other strong tracks that warrant consideration for a true Fleetwood Mac album (how about the original "Black Magic Woman," another Green masterpiece???). All this being said, I can understand why only post 1975 tracks appear here. With the release of Fleetwood Mac in 1975, the group was a completely different entity than the Fleetwood Mac group that started in 1967. What started as a blues rock group (as was fashionable in the mid to late sixties) gradually charged to a full on pop rock group by 1975 which was solidified by the addition of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham in 1975. In fact, only drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie remained after numerous lineup changes that included a revolving door of guitarists. It is clear that the producers of this album wish to focus on the pop infused Fleetwood Mac as this is the Fleetwood Mac that most know.

I am fine with this decision. However, one must keep this in mind when listening to Greatest Hits - this album is not a greatest hits album at all but rather a greatest hits compilation from 1975-1987. That is, it does not paint a true picture of the total accomplishments of Fleetwood Mac and is incorrectly titled. Listener discretion is advised.

By; RockySullivan

Rhiannon 4:10
Don't Stop 3:12
Go Your Own Way 3:38
Hold Me 3:43
Everywhere 3:41
Gypsy 4:22
As Long As You Follow 4:17
Say You Love Me 4:09
Dreams 4:12
Little Lies 3:36
Sara 6:26
Tusk 3:36
No Questions Asked 4:36


Sticker on shrink-wrap reads:

8X Platinum Collection
13 Tracks Of Classic Fleetwood Mac
Go Your Own Way
Don't Stop • Gypsy
Rhiannon • Dreams
Little Lies

Comes with a printed inner sleeve, containing liner note, credits and photos.