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Ohms (stylized as _Ohms on physical editions) is the ninth studio album by American alternative metal band Deftones, released on September 25, 2020, through Reprise Records.

The album was produced by Terry Date, making it their first collaboration since the unreleased Eros and the final with bassist Sergio Vega who departed from the band in early 2021. The album was preceded by the release of two singles: "Ohms" and "Genesis". The song "Ceremony" was later released as a single. Ohms received acclaim from critics.

Musically, Ohms is widely described as a return to the band's core alternative metal style. The album was also described as shoegaze and post-rock. Classic Rock magazine added a different assessment, calling the album "dream pop with a metallic edge". It is the first Deftones album since their eponymous 2003 album to be produced by Terry Date, although the band had worked with him during the sessions of the unreleased album Eros in 2008.  It is also their first album in which Stephen Carpenter utilizes a nine-string guitar.

Adrenaline is still an amazing Nu Metal album, and fuck me, those riffs… But back in the late 90’s, when I was getting into Metal, if I was even capable of looking beyond the time of my next wank, which I wasn’t, but if I was, Deftones releasing incredible album after incredible album for 25 years straight was not something I would or could have foreseen. I didn’t realise it back then, because I was stupid and the bands sound went over my head, but Deftones were always head and shoulders above their Nu Metal peers. I mean… they are so beyond them that people will tell you that their first three albums are Alternative Metal rather than sully the bands name with the Nu Metal moniker… But yeah, the band were always amazing, always offered something more than their contemporise and more than any other 90’s Metal band of their ilk, have withstood the test of time.

The band have now released Nine albums, and only one of them could be described as a tad disappointing, and even then, Gore was still a good album. Ohms sees the band return to form though, releasing their best album since… well, Koi no yokan, the album before Gore. It’s amazing how vital and energized the band sound here. Well, as energized as the Shoegaze influenced Nu Metal can sound anyway, with Chino’s sleepy screams and the rolling bass of Sergio Vega, a man the band just love fucking over for some reason. I don’t expect a bunch of 50-year-old Nu Metal kids, 25 years after their debut, to sound good at all, never mind as utterly essential as they ever did. It really is mind blowing.

Honestly. Pick a classic band. Any of them and then listen to an album released 25 years after their debut. Its not going to be pretty. But Deftones somehow defy father time himself. Madness. Ohms is just an incredible album, and honestly, it really does rank amongst the bands best albums, though I suppose you could say that about any of them. I just love how the band have progressed. The sounds of Around the Fur are gone, but they’ve been replaced with something more fitting for the band. Of course, Around the Fur will always be my favourite album by the band; it sounds like I felt when I was 19 years old, only I was a bit more of a loser. But this… this sounds like the same band 23 years later, all of the experience and knowledge, but somehow with the same quality.

Having said all of that, this album isn’t reinventing the Deftones wheel or anything. It could be said that it is the same old thing they’ve been doing since at least Saturday Night Wrist. Nothing wrong with that though, that was a great album and everything they’ve done since then is also great. Fucking Hell… I just feel happy that they are still releasing world class albums this far into their career, especially when all of their peers crashed and burned at the end of the 90’s. Ohms is another banger. No, its not as good as White Pony but fucking hell, few albums are. This sits nicely with the bands back catalogue and its relieving to hear them pick the ball back up after the slight fumble of the last album.

By: SplinteredSilhouette.

A1 Genesis
A2 Ceremony
A3 Urantia
A4 Error
A5 The Spell Of Mathematics
B1 Pompeji
B2 This Link Is Dead
B3 Radiant City
B4 Headless
B5 Ohms

Record Company – Warner Music Group
Copyright © – Reprise Records
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Reprise Records
Recorded At – Henson Recording Studios
Recorded At – Trainwreck Studios, Seattle
Mastered At – Howie Weinberg Mastering
Lacquer Cut By – CB*
Lyrics By – Chino Moreno
Producer – Deftones
Producer, Recorded By, Mixed By – Terry Date
Recorded By – Andy Park (3)
Includes insert with lyrics.

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