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Legacy (The Very Best of David Bowie) (also known as Legacy) is a greatest hits album by English musician David Bowie, released on 11 November 2016.

The album's contents are mostly identical to the two-disc edition of Bowie's previous greatest hits album Nothing Has Changed (2014). "Love Is Lost" and "Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)", which were present on Nothing Has Changed, are replaced by three new selections: "Lazarus" and "I Can't Give Everything Away", both from Bowie's final studio album Blackstar (2016), and the radio edit of the Heathen song "Slow Burn" (which also appears on the three-disc version of Nothing Has Changed). Additionally, a new mix of "Life on Mars?" by Ken Scott, the song's original co-producer, replaces the original version from Hunky Dory (1971), and was released as a single and a special music video to promote the compilation.


It was inevitable that Bowie's death would lead to another 'best of' compilation, even if it came only two years after the last one. The two-disc version clearly serves an update of the track-listing for Best of Bowie and Nothing Has Changed, whereas this edition provides a more occasional window to his greatest hits, or for the already-initiated just a different order to listen to these songs in.

The songs in their own rights are obviously brilliant. Yet the new mix of 'Life of Mars?' feels almost sacrilegious in taking the place of the original. It's good, but it doesn't quite feel right. Compared to all the rarities included on the full-length version of Nothing Has Changed, this USP feels a little under-whelming.

Meanwhile the presence of 'Where Are We Now?' and 'Lazarus' without the context of his other later work make them feel like just a footnote in his history. The only song from between 1983 and 2013 is 'Dancing in the Street', which perhaps isn't surprising given the limits of a single CD, but it seems unjust when compared with the artistic high-points of that period, of which DITS is clearly not one.

This edition clearly isn't designed for anyone who wants to dig deep into his work, just for those who want the most general of overviews, or a quick 80 minute blast of the great man's work. In that sense, this compilation does it's job.

By: IceHockeyHair

A1 – Let's Dance - Written-By – David Bowie - 4:08
A2 – Ashes To Ashes - Written-By – David Bowie - 3:35
A3 – Under Pressure -Written-By – Brian May, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, John Deacon, Roger Taylor - 4:04
A4 – Life On Mars? (2016 Mix) - Written-By – David Bowie - 3:37
A5 - Changes - Written-By – David Bowie - 3:35

B1 – Oh! You Pretty Things - Written-By – David Bowie - 3:13
B2 – The Man Who Sold The World - Written-By – David Bowie - 3:56
B3 – Space Oddity - Written-By – David Bowie - 5:12
B4 – Starman - Written-By – David Bowie - 4:12
B5 – Ziggy Stardust - Written-By – David Bowie - 3:12

C1 – The Jean Genie - Written-By – David Bowie - 4:05
C2 – Rebel Rebel - Written-By – David Bowie - 4:30
C3 – Golden Years - Written-By – David Bowie - 3:27
C4 – Dancing In The Street - Written-By – Ivy Jo Hunter, Marvin Gaye, William Stevenson - 3:11
C5 – China Girl - Written-By – David Bowie, Iggy Pop - 4:15

D1 - Fame - Written-By – Carlos Alomar, David Bowie, John Lennon - 4:15
D2 – Sound And Vision - Written-By – David Bowie - 3:03
D3 – 'Heroes' - Written-By – Brian Eno, David Bowie - 3:33
D4 – Where Are We Now? - Written-By – David Bowie - 4:09
D5 – Lazarus - Written-By – David Bowie - 4:05

Gatefold sleeve
Limited edition. Includes 2x12" prints.

Tracks A1, A2, C3, C5, D3 are the single versions.
Tracks B4 & C1 are the original single mix.
Track A3 is the 2011 remaster.
Track D5 is the radio edit.
Track A4 is a previously unreleased version remixed by Ken Scott the original producer of the track on the 1971 LP 'Hunky Dory'.

This Limited Edition has two stickers in the front cover saying:
1-"The Very Best of Bowie 2x180g Audiophile Vinyl"
2-"Limited Edition Includes 2x12" Prints"