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Daft Punk, French musical duo, active in the 1990s and early 21st century, whose sonic adventurousness and flair for presentation propelled them from the vanguard of electronic dance music to the pop mainstream. The two members were Thomas Bangalter (b. January 3, 1975, Suresnes, France) and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo (b. February 8, 1974, Neuilly-sur-Seine).

Bangalter and Homem-Christo met while attending secondary school in Paris. The two briefly played in a rock band called Darlin’, but by 1993 their encounters with electronic dance music (such as house and techno) at nightclubs and underground raves had inspired them to shift genres. Calling themselves Daft Punk—after a British music critic’s dismissal of a Darlin’ song as “daft punky thrash”—the pair experienced their first worldwide hit with “Da Funk” (1995), a groove-based instrumental that integrated elements of funk and a subgenre of house music known as acid house. Their debut album, Homework (1997), won them further acclaim within the dance music scene, and the buoyant single “Around the World”—which featured a looped, electronically processed vocal—helped introduce the act to a wider audience.

For Daft Punk’s next album, Discovery (2001), Bangalter and Homem-Christo took a more expansive and song-oriented approach. A colourful mélange of disco, rhythm-and-blues, and glam rock sounds of the 1970s and ’80s filtered through lustrous electronic production, Discovery was a success both on and off the dance floor. Its highlights included the kitschy “Digital Love,” which was built around a sample of a George Duke song, and the euphoric “One More Time,” which became a top-10 hit in multiple countries. While promoting the album, Bangalter and Homem-Christo presented themselves, in deadpan fashion, as robots; as part of the act, they sported sleek costumes that hid their faces beneath metallic helmets. Thereafter the two rarely appeared in public undisguised, and their robotic personas became integral to Daft Punk’s visual aesthetic and general mythos.

Daft Punk returned in 2005 with Human After All, but its minimal and often-abrasive sound was received coolly. A year later, however, Daft Punk went on tour for the first time in nearly a decade and dazzled audiences with a dynamic stage show that centred on a giant light-up pyramid within which the duo performed. Their reputation rose further when rapper Kanye West’s single “Stronger,” which sampled a track from Discovery, became a hit in 2007. In addition, a recording of a Daft Punk concert in Paris, released that same year as Alive 2007, earned the act its first Grammy Award (2009). As electronic dance music increased in popularity over the first decade of the 21st century, Daft Punk’s influence became apparent, especially as other artists in the genre, such as Skrillex and Deadmau5, found success with similarly spectacular live shows.

After composing the sound track to the science-fiction film TRON: Legacy (2010), Bangalter and Homem-Christo released Random Access Memories (2013). In contrast to Daft Punk’s previous recordings, the album was produced in collaboration with dozens of live musicians and employed hardly any electronic beats or samples. The result was hailed as a throwback to the opulent, ambitiously crafted recordings of an earlier musical era—albums such as Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours (1977) and Michael Jackson’s Thriller (1982)—and, in particular, as a love letter to disco. Aided by the pop hit “Get Lucky,” which featured vocals by Pharrell Williams and rhythm guitar by Nile Rodgers (of the influential disco group Chic), the album sold millions of copies worldwide. In the United States, where sales of Daft Punk’s previous releases had not been as strong as elsewhere, Random Access Memories was considered a breakthrough, and in 2014 Daft Punk won five Grammys, including the prize for album of the year.

Daft Punk subsequently collaborated on songs by various musicians, including Williams and Jay-Z. In 2021 the duo broke up. Daft Punk Unchained (2015) is a documentary.

This re-issued LP from Warner Music Ireland is available on a gatefold 2xLP set.


First of all - something you should be aware of if you have never heard "Daft Punk's" Amazing Debut Album:"Homework".........
..... This is a "House music" record....... You will find it in the electronic/house music section in record stores across the globe!
(also like most genres.... house music has lots of sub genres under it, so while it may not sound like the house music you and your friends drink watered down lager to on a saturday night in the hope of pulling some lonely fat desperate housewife who is so drunk you have to carry her home! - nevertheless it is house music(with a hint of techno thrown in))

Second of all - are you the type of person who goes onto a Gangsta Rap review page and complains that its too offensive? Would you Review classical music and complain that its not hardcore enough? If Yes then you really need putting out of your misery because you clearly have nothing better to do than complain..... Lets get things straight right now: "Homework" is a house music album. House music is repetitive in nature..... its designed to be repetitive so you can dance to it ( house music is dance music is it not? ) So to come onto a review page of a house music album and to slam it by saying its repetitive and boring(When its certainly no more repetitive then the chicago house or detroit techno that influenced it), in my eyes is pure stupidity.

Right then........ on with the review!!!

The year is 1997 i've been dj'ing electronic music for a good few years now (i started out with the harder genres like most teens i know do because of the hi nrg let off some steam nature of it), but i was getting bored of my usual electronic fodder....the really good releases where getting to few and far between and i'd tried listening to house music like my friend was into( it was american soulful vocal type house) but i found it to cheesey i just couldnt take it seriously the transition of hard techno to vocal house just didnt sit well it, there's got to be some hard edged funky sounds out there for this techno fiend......... The following weekend i took a trip upto my sisters in Reading on the train with my mate, she had some errands to run so we just sat in the car and chilled and waited patiently i asked if she had any decent tunage and she reached around on the floor and pulled out: TA DA ----"Homework" i remember thinking "daft punk"??, i bet its some indie garbage that one of my sisters friends has recomended to her, she said she had listened to it a few times and to see what i thought........ and so it began -Track one - Daftendirect "Tha funk back two at a time,c'mon" straight away i was interested because i couldnt figure out what genre it was?? then revolution 909 came on: my head couldnt stop nodding, its just so damn funky....... i was transfixed i never said a word for about 30 mins, i looked at my friend and he seemed to be feeling it to... eventually the car came to a halt and i didnt want to get out......so i didnt.....my sister went back in the house to cook some food....and we stayed in the car listening to "homework" over and over shhmoking some shweet.

What stands out to me about homework is how funky the record is its crammed full of funky beats and nrg, but its weird it it seemed to have a calmness and energy about it at the same time, if you are going to listen to homework for the first time.. i recommend a good bassy stereo not a little wad box because it just wont do it justice, you need to feel the bass from this album - Dont expect the catchy jingles of "Disco-very" this is down n dirty housefunk.

Also - This album is a grower, it gets better with every listen, its not as instantly accessible as discovery, but if you ask me this is the better album!!
Long live Daft Punk!!

By: AshesToAshes.

A1 Daftendirekt 2:44
A2 WDPK 83.7 FM 0:28
A3 Revolution 909 5:26
A4 Da Funk 5:28
A5 Phoenix 4:55
B1 Fresh 4:03
B2 Around The World 7:07
B3 Rollin' & Scratchin' 7:26
C1 Teachers 2:52
C2 High Fidelity 6:00
C3 Rock'n Roll 7:32
C4 Oh Yeah 2:00
D1 Burnin' 6:53
D2 Indo Silver Club 4:32
D3 Alive 5:15
D4 Funk AD 0:50

Licensed From – Daft Life Ltd.
Published By – Concord Music Publishing – excluding France
Phonographic Copyright ℗ – Daft Trax
Copyright © – Daft Trax
Licensed To – ADA France
Produced For – Daft Trax
Recorded At – Daft House
Recorded At – Fuse Club
Produced At – Daft House
Mixed At – Daft House
Mastered At – The Exchange
Published By – Zomba Music
Published By – Delabel Editions – for France
Published By – Daft Music
Pressed By – MPO
Lacquer Cut at – Translab
Distributed By – Warner Music France
Distributed By – ADA France
Art Direction – Daft Arts, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Thomas Bangalter
Artwork – Daft Arts, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Magic Design, Serge Nicolas
Cover, Photography By – Nicolas Hidiroglou
Lacquer Cut By – Gopher*, MPZ*
Layout – Magic Design, Serge Nicolas
Mastered By – Nilesh 'Nilz' Patel*
Performer – Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Thomas Bangalter
Photography By – Philippe Lévy
Producer – Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Thomas Bangalter
Sleeve – Daft Arts, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo
Written By – Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, Thomas Bangalter
Gatefold sleeve with embossed 'Daft Punk' logo on front. Includes color printed inner sleeves
Barcode (printed): 0 190296 611926
Matrix / Runout (Side A): 0724384260910 A2 MPZ-TR [MPO logo] 22 255873
Matrix / Runout (Side B): GOPHER - TR - 0724384260910 B2 724384260910/B
Matrix / Runout (Side C): 072438426091 C2 GOPHER-TR- 724384260910/C1 [MPO logo] 22 255873
Matrix / Runout (Side D): 072438426091 D2 724384260910/D GOPHER-TR- [MPO logo] 22 255873