Daft Punk - Homework Remixes (2xVinyl)

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On 22 February 2022, one full year after the duo's breakup, Daft Punk updated their social media channels with cryptic posts leading fans to a newly created Twitch account. At 2:22pm UTC, a one-time only stream began of the duo's full Daftendirektour performance at the Mayan Theater. At the same time, Homework (25th Anniversary Edition) was released digitally featuring the original album and 15 remixes; nine of which were previously unavailable on digital platforms. The anniversary release includes remixes from DJ Sneak (tracks 5, 12), Masters at Work (tracks 4, 6, 9, 13), Todd Terry (tracks 3, 11), Motorbass, Slam, Ian Pooley, and more. These remixes were released separately as a digital remix album titled Homework (Remixes).




N/A - Brand New Release

1. "Around the World" (I:Cube remix) 6:18
2. "Revolution 909" (Roger Sanchez & Junior Sanchez remix) 8:56
3. "Around the World" (Tee's Frozen Sun mix) 7:57
4. "Around the World" (Mellow mix) 7:51
5. "Burnin'" (DJ Sneak main mix) 9:10
6. "Around the World" (KenLou remix) 7:50
7. "Burnin'" (Ian Pooley Cut Up mix) 5:20
8. "Around the World" (Motorbass Vice mix) 6:37
9. "Around the World" (M.A.W. remix) 9:23
10. "Burnin'" (Slam mix) 6:47
11. "Around the World" (Original Lead On mix) 7:30
12. "Burnin'" (DJ Sneak Mongowarrier mix) 10:23
13. "Around the World" (RAW dub) 6:54
14. "Teachers" (extended mix) 5:53
15. "Revolution 909" (Revolution Accapella) 1:04



Made in Germany.