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Radiate Like This is the fourth studio album by American indie rock band Warpaint, released on May 6, 2022, through Heirlooms and Virgin Records. It marks their first album in six years, and was announced alongside the release of the song "Champion". The band will tour the UK and Europe in support of the album. Warpaint's preceding album, Heads Up, was released in 2016. Following the release of that album, the band members encountered different priorities, such as "babies, jobs, tours, solo albums, intercontinental and cross country moves", which initially presented "mounting logistical challenges" and doubts about whether they could regroup to work on new material.
The band began work on the album with producer Sam Petts-Davies in early 2020, but the COVID-19 pandemic caused them to finish recording their parts in their own "makeshift home studios". Although finishing recording "some time ago", they waited to release the album until they could tour to promote it. This self-imposed delay also helped them to "further hone", build and then reconstruct each song. In a press release, Emily Kokal joked that the band should have called it Exquisite Corpse instead of their debut EP.

LP pressed on BLACK vinyl.


The likelihood that someone is just now getting into warpaint is, while not 0%, probably quite low. at this point they've nestled themselves into a very comfortable position as the type of pitchfork-reader mainstay band whose train you've probably already long decided whether or not you're on. radiate like this is not going to do anything at all to onboard skeptics, as it is pretty much exactly an average of everything warpaint has always been. this is a very dreamy, warm and inviting soundscape. i do think this is a slight improvement over their last album as well.

By: Cal50

A1 Champion
A2 Hips
A3 Hard To Tell You
A4 Stevie
A5 Like Sweetness
B1 Trouble
B2 Proof
B3 Altar
B4 Melting
B5 Send Nudes

Catalogue Number: HEIR001LPY

Record Label: Virgin Music.