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DJ Format's Psych Out is a compilation of records from around the world that Format WISHES he could play at clubs every weekend. Some of the tracks are hard to categorise...kind of psychedelic, kind of funky, kind of crazy...but most have unmistakable blend of distorted electric guitars, driving basslines and pounding drums. Maybe you didn't think it was possible for “Foxy Lady” to be played any harder...but 49th Blue Streak did it. “Hava Nagila” never really seemed likely to lend itself to a psychedelic reworking...but The Quests from Singapore thought differently. In Germany, The CT Four Plus did away with boring tradition and instead praised God with their electric guitars. Advertising executives in France thought it best to spread the word of their new chocolate bar by commissioning the Bana Pop Band to make a cool 7" flexi disc record. These are just a few examples of how the boundaries of music were being pushed in the late '60s & early '70s when most of these exciting recordings were made. In DJ Format's own words: The idea for this compilation came about because of my search for a rare psych/funk 7" that isn't even included here! My friend DJ Oneofakind played me the said record and I totally lost my mind. Some months later after a lot of asking around and searching online, a copy turned up on for a painful amount of money. I contacted the seller to ask a couple of questions and it turned out I was talking to Jake Holloway, BBE's in-house designer. I'd loosely known Jake for a few years through mutual friends so we quickly arranged a time to meet and take care of business. Jake told me he'd offered the 7" to a few other DJ/collector friends but they'd passed on it as it was 'too heavy' for them. This got us talking about my love for psych records with a funky slant and I explained my frustration at buying so many records that fit that description, that were 'too heavy' to play at my typical DJ gigs. Jake had the perfect solution: "why don't you do a compilation of funky, fuzzed-out psych stuff for BBE?''.


One night while trawling the internet in search of a particularly illusive heavy psych 7”, Matt Ford, aka boundary-stretching turntablist DJ Format, struck up a conversation with BBE’s in-house designer Jake Holloway. By the end of the conversation, Format had been invited to compile a selection of funky psychedelic grooves from the 60s and early 70s.

His subsequent global quest resulted in this astonishing, weirdly-named collection, unified by fuzzed up guitars, strange vocals and driving grooves. Kicking off with Singapore’s The Quests reimagining Hava Nagila as a mysterioso organ romp, it charges through fuzz-toned delights by Germany’s Christian psych outfit The CT Four, Hungary’s acid-folky Koncz Zsuzsa, Italy’s startling space disco fortune teller Sergio Ferraresi, Czech jazz-proggers Flamengo and France’s Bana Pop Band, whose blaxploitation-invoking Jet Pop oddly promoted a chocolate bar on a 7” flexi-disc.

The US is represented by three sizzling freakbeat rarities in the form of The Tijuana Brats’ Eastern-tinctured Karate Chop, 49th Blue Streak’s incendiary cover of Jimi’s Foxy Lady and the marvellous Friar Tuck and His Psychedelic Guitar turning Louie Louie into a transcendental vamp with Hair-like chorale. The UK is solely represented by the Rainbow Family’s weighty take on Travellin’ Lady by the overlooked Manfred Mann Chapter Three.

Highly recommended.

By: Kris Needs

A1 The Quests– Hava Nagila
A2 The Tijuana Brats– Karate Chop
A3 Rainbow Family– Travellin' Lady
A4 The CT Four Plus– Exodus II
B1 49th Blue Streak– Foxy Lady
B2 Bana Pop Band– Jet Pop
B3 Koncz Zsuzsa– Visz A Vonat
C1 La Logia Sarabanda– Todos O Ninguno
C2 Friar Tuck And His Psychedelic Guitar– Louis, Louis
C3 Flamengo– Týden V Elektrickém Městě
D1 Sergio Ferraresi– Time Of Machines
D2 Krzysztof Klenczon– Nie Przejdziemy Do Historii
D3 Aleksandr Sergeyevich Zatsepin– The Shaman's Dance
D4 Pro Arte – Stari Dvorac

Compiled By, Liner Notes – DJ Format
Design – Jake Holloway
Photography By [Front Cover Image] – Michael Joseph