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New York singer-songwriter Kimya Dawson may be familiar to many, seeing as her existing infamy is based on being one half of acerbic so-called 'anti-folk' duo The Moldy Peaches who made ripples around the turn of the century with taboo-provoking pared-down romps against this, that and the other. It might be a surprise to find her ramshackle and largely solo performances heading up a film soundtrack, but to Juno's independence and understated qualities she turns out to be a remarkably good fit. She's mellowed a little with age perhaps, but then to counter that claim take the track "Loose Lips"; she rallies through a nonchalant stream-of-consciousness rant against such adversaries as President Bush, the Iraq war and self-harm/suicide, curling out blunt matter-of-fact lines like "call me up before you're dead, we can make some plans instead," that in the simple is as simple does context she provides resonate beautifully. Hardly lightweight then, but far from coarse or unwieldy. Like the film itself, she handles issues with straightforward clarity, an ambling pace and effortless humour. And to complete the soundtrack, a couple of typically twee compositions from Belle & Sebastian, The Kinks' "A Well Respected Man", Sonic Youth's excellently woozy cover of The Carpenter's "Superstar", the Velvet Underground's daft as elastic "I'm Sticking with You" and Cat Power (the queen of ramshackle) with the fragile "Sea of Love", make this a delightfully humbling listen.

favorite soundtrack of all time

maybe i'm partial because juno is my favorite movie, but this soundtrack really sets the tone of the whole movie. it's obvious kimya dawson played a huge role in the development of this soundtrack (if not the movie itself), considering she was apart of almost half of the songs. it feels like juno herself made this tape whilst sitting in her room. my personal favorite tracks are the sleep instrumental, piazza the ny catcher & vampire. i also appreciate the use of covers on this soundtrack (superstar originally being done by the carpenters & sea of love being by phil phillips). all in all, it's a beautiful coming of age soundtrack about love & it should be cherished by all!

By: Guacamollu

A1 Barry Louis Polisar– All I Want Is You
A2 Kimya Dawson– My Rollercoaster (Juno Film Version)
A3 The Kinks– A Well Respected Man
A4 Buddy Holly– Dearest
A5 Mateo Messina– Up The Spout
A6 Kimya Dawson– Tire Swing
A7 Belle & Sebastian– Piazza, New York Catcher
A8 Kimya Dawson– Loose Lips
A9 Sonic Youth– Superstar
A10 Kimya Dawson– Sleep (Instrumental)
B1 Belle & Sebastian– Expectations
B2 Mott The Hoople– All The Young Dudes
B3 Kimya Dawson– So Nice So Smart
B4 Cat Power– Sea Of Love
B5 Kimya Dawson & Antsy Pants– Tree Hugger
B6 The Velvet Underground– I'm Sticking With You
B7 The Moldy Peaches– Anyone Else But You
B8 Antsy Pants– Vampire
B9 Michael Cera & Elliot Page– Anyone Else But You


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