Hans Zimmer - Interstellar Soundtrack (4xLP Vinyl)

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The 2014 movie 'Interstellar' chronicles the adventures of a group of explorers who make use of a newly-discovered wormhole to surpass the limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances involved in an interstellar voyage. The epic soundtrack score was composed by Nolan's longtime collaborator, Oscar, Grammy, and Golden Globe Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer. This expanded edition features 4 LPs with exclusive custom etching, and liner notes by Nolan and Zimmer.

I like Interstellar, and all, but I love this.
The organ is, of course, massive. It makes you wonder why every film score doesn't find a way to incorporate a pipe organ. If it feels like a cheat code to unlock majesty, it's because it probably is.
Even most of the best soundtracks end up being stirring background music, forever tied to the scenes that they provide the musical skeleton to. The Interstellar soundtrack takes you places -- makes you feel. I've seen the movie, but when I close my eyes while listening to 'Cornfield Chase', I don't recall the scene in the movie where they chase the drone. I feel a giant clock, gears whirring all around me, working in perfect time, all while feeling a deeply and distinctly human connection.
Breathless hyperbole? Maybe. It's alright to allow yourself to be blown away by something every now and again, though.

By: Nibbish

A1 –Hans Zimmer Dreaming Of The Crash
A2 –Hans Zimmer Cornfield Chase
A3 –Hans Zimmer Dust
A4 –Hans Zimmer Day One
A5 –Hans Zimmer Stay
B6 –Hans Zimmer Message From Home
B7 –Hans Zimmer The Wormhole
B8 –Hans Zimmer Mountains
B9 –Hans Zimmer Afraid Of Time
B10 –Hans Zimmer A Place Among The Stars
B11 –Hans Zimmer Running Out
B12 –Hans Zimmer I'm Going Home
C13 –Hans Zimmer Coward
C14 –Hans Zimmer Detach
C15 –Hans Zimmer S.T.A.Y.
D16 –Hans Zimmer Where We're Going
D17 –Hans Zimmer First Step
D18 –Hans Zimmer Flying Drone
D19 –Hans Zimmer Atmospheric Entry
D20 –Hans Zimmer No Need To Come Back
E21 –Hans Zimmer Imperfect Lock
E22 –Hans Zimmer No Time For Caution
E23 –Hans Zimmer What Happens Now?
E24 –Hans Zimmer Who's They?
F25 –Hans Zimmer Murph
F26 –Hans Zimmer Organ Variation
G27 –Hans Zimmer Tick-Tock
G28 –Hans Zimmer Day One (Original Demo)
G29 –Hans Zimmer Day One Dark
G30 –John Lithgow Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Written-By [Poem] – Dylan Thomas


• Hype sticker reads:
"Expanded edition soundtrack includes: 4LP 180 Gram vinyl exclusive custom etching liner note by Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer."

• Gatefold sleeve and 4-page booklet.
The tracks are listed sequentially.