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Flower Boy (alternatively titled Scum F**k Flower Boy) is the fourth studio album by American rapper Tyler, the Creator. The album was released on July 21, 2017, by Columbia Records. Produced entirely by Tyler, the album features guest vocals from a range of artists, including Frank Ocean, ASAP Rocky, Anna of the North, Lil Wayne, Kali Uchis, Steve Lacy, Estelle, Jaden Smith and Rex Orange County.

Flower Boy was supported by four singles: "Who Dat Boy" / "911", "Boredom", "I Ain't Got Time!" and "See You Again". The album received widespread acclaim from critics for its smoothness, unique blend of genres, collaborations and its production. It debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200. The album was named among the best albums of 2017 and the decade by multiple publications and was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2018 Grammy Awards.


Flower Boy is a quintessential modern hip-hop album with jazz and soul influences. Tyler's lyrics explore concepts such as identity, loneliness, his new wealthy lifestyle, and most prominently, cars. The laid-back atmosphere of most of the record provides an easy listen to that especially sounds great in the spring/summertime but is still enjoyable year-round. The features of the project are carefully selected and done with Kali Uchis and Rex Orange County giving great performances on songs like See You Again and Boredom. the first ten tracks are complete bliss culminating with 911/Mr. Lonely, is a beautiful song and highlight of the album that has an extremely relatable and grounded message about loneliness.

The last few songs including November and the instrumental Enjoy Right Now, Today are some of the weaker pieces on a phenomenal record but the end also has songs like Droppin' Seeds with an impressive Lil Wayne verse and Glitter a sweet song about one-sided love. Other highlights include A$AP Rocky on Who Dat Boy and Garden Shed, establishing Tyler's bisexuality. Overall, Flower Boy is an enjoyable record and one of the most fun albums in modern hip-hop.

By: Jjoatis

1 Foreword - Tyler, The Creator feat. Rex Orange County / Can
2 Where This Flower Blooms - Tyler, The Creator feat. Frank Ocean
3 Sometimes... - Tyler, The Creator
4 See You Again - Tyler, The Creator feat. Kali Uchis
5 Who Dat Boy - Tyler, The Creator feat. A$AP Rocky
6 Pothole - Tyler, The Creator feat. Jaden Smith / Roy Ayers
7 Garden Shed - Tyler, The Creator feat. Estelle
8 Boredom - Tyler, The Creator feat. Rex Orange County and Anna of the North
9 I Ain't Got Time! - Tyler, The Creator / Bel-Sha-Zaar with Tommy Genapopoluis & The Grecian Knights
10 911 / Mr. Lonely - Tyler, The Creator feat. Frank Ocean and Steve Lacy / Tyler, The Creator
11 Droppin' Seeds - Tyler, The Creator feat. Lil' Wayne
12 November - Tyler, The Creator
13 Glitter - Tyler, The Creator
14 Enjoy Right Now, Today - Tyler, The Creator

Record Label : Columbia