Thievery Corporation - The Mirror Conspiracy (2xLP Vinyl)

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 Washington's finest purveyors of hazy downbeat soundscapes have already produced two stoned classics with Sounds from The Thievery H-Fi (4AD) and their DJ Kicks mix on K7! Records. Their latest longplayer walks to the same tempo but with an overall more purposeful musical strut. It's organic for a start, with live vocals and sounds, trading in the slightly sullen slow-mo digi-dub for a more refined and soulful brand of chic. Check the breathless beauty of Marla's voice on "La Monde" and "So Com Voce" as she floats into the spaces left empty on previous Thievery encounters. They manage to wring every half-drop of their main musical influences (dub, soundtracks and bossa) into this beautiful record as it sinks into deep waters, oozing sophistication all the way down. Perfect accompaniment when too spannered to dance, this contains the added bonus of jazzual jungle finale, "Tomorrow" to liven you up from contented slumber just before the record ends. Sweet like syrup, not chocolate. --Dan StaceyMirror Conspiracy' is the second studio album from ambient duo Thievery Corporation, the brainchild of Eric Hilton and Rob Garza. The lasting influence of this effervescent album on modern lo-fi music cannot be understated. The record includes the popular hits 'Lebanese Blonde' which features vocals by Pam Bricker, and 'Le Monde' with vocals by French singer Lou Lou Gehlickhani.


This is downtempo without being boring, themed without being repetitive. It's sultry, imaginative, and hypnotic. Carefully placed vocals on some of the songs are just right to complement the piece as a whole. I hate fancy words like transcendent, but that's what this is. You could listen to this at a party, at a restaurant, at the beach, in the car, to go to sleep, to wake up for the day. It's rare that I'll give a whole album two listens in a row, but this one is exceptional. This one will be a 5 star fave for me in the not-too-distant future. WOW.

By: CreamyPB

A1 Treasures
A2 Le Monde
A3 Indra
A4 Lebanese Blonde
B1 Focus On Sight
B2 Air Batucada
B3 So Com Voce
B4 Samba Tranquille
C1 Shadows Of Ourselves
C2 The Hong Kong Triad
C3 Illumination
C4 The Mirror Conspiracy
D1 Tomorrow
D2 Bario Alto
D3 Guide For I And I

Label: Primary Wave Music