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The Velvet Underground’s classic self-titled third album, originally released in March 1969, by MGM, was a departure from the band’s first two albums in more ways than one. Gone was co-founding member John Cale, and in his place was a 21-year-old with Long Island roots named Doug Yule, who stepped right in. The record was also a stylistic leap, as Lou Reed described to Rolling Stone editor David Fricke, “I thought we had to demonstrate the other side of us”. Fricke calls it “a stunning turnaround… 10 tracks of mostly warm, explicit sympathy and optimism, expressed with melodic clarity, set in gleaming double-guitar jangle and near-whispered balladry.”


I spend my time wondering (because i have too much time to spend) which velvets album is my favorite & it's really down to either this one or the banana album & i don't think there are any individual highs here as high as sunday morning or the cathartic squall at the end of heroin (except after hours maybe, or the soloing at the end of what goes on) but then candy says is a far more moving song about GENDER STUFF than walk on the wild side (not that the latter was supposed to be moving, really, so what the fuck do i know) & more importantly there's an overriding feel to this album that +nico doesn't really match WHY AM I TYPING LIKE THIS (i should add that it's about 2:30 in the morning right now and i drank nearly a whole twelve pack of coke zero tonight but this is a really good nighttime album so)

this is a nighttime album, and the debut is a morning album. the debut is for wistful decompression, and this is for post-midnite navel gazing; and the overall feeling of this album is a sort of fuzzy quilt. sterling m.'s guitar making idiosyncratic little shapes all over your ceiling. doug yule and lou carrying you off some nearly infinite golden road (fuck a sun) at the end of what goes on. beginning to see the light boiling over into ecstatic yearning on the "how does it feel to be loved" coda. and of course, mo tucker's flabbergastingly perfect signoff with after hours, in its own way one of the most triumphal affirmations ever put to wax.
By: Windowledge

A1 Candy Says
A2 What Goes On
A3 Some Kinda Love
A4 Pale Blue Eyes
A5 Jesus
B1 Beginning To See The Light
B2 I'm Set Free
B3 That's The Story Of My Life
B4 The Murder Mystery
B5 After Hours

Catalogue No: 602547038678