Poly Styrene - Translucence (Vinyl)

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Translucence is the first solo album from the late Poly Styrene, former lead vocalist with punk legends X-Ray Spex, it was released on United Artists Records in 1980 and was a jazzier more subtle affair than the material of her former band. The critically acclaimed album has been unavailable on vinyl for nearly 30 years, and will be pressed on crystal clear vinyl.


Everything I've Ever Wanted in Music, pt. 4? That Poly was capable of "Oh Bondage! Up Yours" and this- this swaying, sighing, languorous, sherbert-blue clot of gauzy greysky snooze-button ecstasy- is testament to a versatility (and, perversely, a kind of divine focus- this is the formal opposite of "Oh Bondage," yet somehow it strikes the same nerves) unparalleled in popular music. This isn't needless eclecticism; it's the capacity, absurdly and preciously rare, to cut through the thousand million petty gaudy drapes that we mortals take for load-bearing walls- the ability to sing to the same spaces of the soul in any and every language. To encounter music like this is to be given hope that there is no God.

By: Telephone_Junkie

A1 Dreaming
A2 Talk In Toytown
A3 Skydive
A4 The Day That Time Forgot
A5 Shades
A6 Essence
B1 Hip City Hip
B2 Bicycle Song
B3 Sub Tropical
B4 Translucence
B5 Age
B6 Goodbye


Released for Record Store Day 2021.