Jinx Lennon - Border Schizo Fffolk Songs For The Fuc**d (2xLP Vinyl)

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This is a psychedelic double concept album journey through the nooks and crannies and strange dimensions of the Irish Border told through garage punk beats, sean nos, skewed folk in a unique border voice (well no one else would have the balls to sing in this accent).
Credits: Jinx Lennon guitars, bass, beats, samples, voices, psych echo voices. Sean Bradley electric guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo. voice. Sharon Mc Ardle harp, Conall Duffy Uileann Pipes, Charles and Andrew Hendy backing voices. Ben Reel sound engineer, mastering, Sarah Jane Hopkins Vampicaun on cover. Gregory Dunn photos . 

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1 Border Schizo Intro
2 Bend
3 Enjoy Yourself Today
4 Sneachta
5 Nights Of Malta Days Of Marla
6 No Homeless People In Drogheda
7 Got More Chance Of Getting To The Moon
8 Exes And Oh's
9 Football Football
10 For the Dots Joiners
11 Mc Cabe + The Big Machine
12 Mr Jellybaby
13 Amnesia Ur Nesia
14 Last Days Of Cheap Food
15 Umbrella Woman
16 Enjoy Yourself Reprise
17 Be Proud
18 Always Have Something In Your Hand
19 Be Wise Be Humble
20 Scapegoat
21 Spare A Thought For Your Mother
22 The Most Dangerous Place for a Woman Is At Home
23 Scratch Card
24 Hi Lonesome Sound
25 Live North Louth
26 Laurels Resters Keep It Raw
27 The 29th
28 What Shall We Do With Our Lives
29 Less Ish
30 You're Still Gonna Have To Meet Them Up The Street
31 Pink Ice Cream And Aeroplanes
32 the Manhole Covers Of Dundalk Town
33 Border Schizo Ffolk Be Free
34 The Poltergeists Of Seatown

Catalogue Number: SEPTIC TIGER 020

Record Label: Septic Tiger Records