Van Morrison - Astral Weeks (Vinyl)

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The second studio album by the Northern Irish singer/songwriter. The album's music blends folk, blues, jazz, and classical styles, signalling a radical departure from the sound of Morrison's previous pop hits. Astral Weeks did not originally receive promotion from Morrison's record label and was not an immediate success with consumers or critics. Its standing eventually improved greatly, with praise given to Morrison's arrangements and songwriting, and the album has been viewed as one of rock music's greatest and most important records (a reputation the singer himself has dismissed). It was placed on numerous widely circulated lists of the best albums of all time and had an enduring effect on both listeners and musicians.


This is a solid entry in my all time list. I think mainly because, that along with the overall strengths, there is simply nothing else on the planet that is even remotely similar to it. The mystical lyrics meld beautifuly with the free flowing melodies to create an amazing musical trip. This album prooves that videos are way overrated, because I produce amazing abstract images, and washes of color in my own mind everytime I put this on. As of this writing, there are already 33 pages of reviews on Astal Weeks so anything else is repitition. However, for a pretty interesting overview, I suggest putting "Lester Bangs" and "Astral Weeks" into your google and reading his excellent review.
By: Tim Regler

Part One: In The Beginning
A1 Astral Weeks
A2 Beside You
A3 Sweet Thing
A4 Cyprus Avenue
Part Two: Afterwards
B1 Young Lovers Do
B2 Madame George
B3 Ballerina
B4 Slim Slow Slider

Warner Bros / Seven Arts Vinyl

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