Pond - Man It Feels Like Space Again (Vinyl)

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The Australian Psychedelic rock group Pond have released their sixth album, Man it Feels Like Space Again. Pond are the front, left and center of the Australian Psychedelic Pop scene. They put the fun in the psychedelic genre. The band is characterized by high energy and their cracking wise demeanor. The initial idea behind Pond’s formation was to get anyone they wanted to play whatever they wanted on a collaborative ever changing musical project. The biggest misconception about Pond is they are a Tame Impala’s offshoot, when it is the other way around. Pond and the Impalas have shared three band members, but only one member of the Tame Impalas has not been a member of Pond. Take note if you don’t care for Psychedelic music you need to move along because Pond is quintessentially a Psychedelic band with great pop sensibilities.

When POND's singer and songwriter Nicholas Allbrook left his position as touring bassist for Tame Impala in 2013, his cleared schedule kicked POND into high gear. Allbrook wrote the majority of this band's darker fifth album, Hobo Rocket, and corralled the other members to record it in just four days. Just over a year later, Man It Feels Like Space Again emerges as POND's sixth LP, and the group sounds far more ambitious, unapologetically funky, and cosmically colorful than ever before. In contrast, recording for this release spanned several months in a small Australian studio and although the band was sleeping rough, there's a strong sense of freedom that permeates these songs. As its production drifts through different styles across each track, trippy percussion and multi-tracked vocals populate a collection of songs that are also prone to outbursts of gibberish, wild flights of fancy, and bursts of manic, emotional intensity. Often labeled a mere offshoot of Tame Impala, Man It Feels Like Space Again showcases a capable band confidently stepping into their full capabilities.

By: Call_Of_The_Void

A1 Waiting Around For Grace
A2 Elvis' Flaming Star
A3 Holding Out For You
A4 Zond
A5 Heroic Shart
B1 Sitting Up On Our Crane
B2 Outside Is The Right Side
B3 Medicine Hat
B4 Man It Feels Like Space Again

180 gram black vinyl in die cut sleeve, picture inner sleeve, download card included.
℗&© Pond Band. Made in EU. LC 03261. 4708354
Record Label: Caroline / Universal 4708354