Pearl Jam - MTV Unplugged (Vinyl)

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Three days after completing their first American tour, Pearl Jam headed to New York to strip back songs from debut album 'Ten', which was well on its way to becoming one of 1992's top rock albums. This release features all seven songs performed by the band in the MTV Unplugged broadcast, including 'Jeremy', 'Even Flow', 'Alive', 'Black' and 'State of Love & Trust'.


It seems rather difficult to emphasize the significance Nirvana _Unplugged_ played in my musical development. Illustrating the importance of how an album changes outlook or stance, given the right time and place, is no easy task. Anything expressed has already been said, and at the risk of redundancy, it’s a feeling that sparks mood and emotion – lucid reactions that are deeply valued, but exhaustively voiced. Despite these obvious hurdles, this is my attempt in exemplifying importance…

Released in the aftermath of Kurt's death, the _Unplugged_ set was a fitting valediction that the bands sound could transcend to blistering heights. I was not prepared, few probably were, for the intense level the band carved with grandstand play. Stripping back the guitars, all the noise, and especially Kurt's earsplitting wail - the group laid bare tender intensity like no band before them. I can remember watching the program as a youngster, it was hard to miss - MTV having it on constant rotation, and me eagerly absorbing anything that came out of Seattle at the time. There are memories etched in my brain of countless nights staying up to watch this performance. It was a time when music was becoming my everything, and Nirvana being the main reason for it. It was an appropriate moment that marked a band at their peak, powers that many didn't know they had. Prior they were seen as groundbreaking, but post - they were viewed as revolutionary. Me, being around at the time may cause some unnecessary toting, but in hindsight it really is a marvel to see how truly remarkable Nirvana were. Collecting all that was done before and molding it into something completely raw and ready, _Unplugged_ shows just how good a gifted band, seizing the moment, could really be. It was *perfect* music for its time.

By: Jasonle

A1 Oceans
A2 State Of Love And Trust
A3 Alive
A4 Black
B1 Jeremy
B2 Even Flow
B3 Porch