New Order - Ceremony - 12" Single (Vinyl)

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The alternative, re-recorded version of ‘Ceremony’ (i.e Version 2) featuring Gillian Gilbert (originally released later in 1981) and features the later alternative ‘cream’ sleeve rather than the original green and copper. Remastered audio on heavyweight vinyl. This edition contains the original mix of In A Lonely Place
(ie digital thunderclap at 3:20 and again at 5:15 and then none between 5:30 and 6:15)

The two last songs ever to be written by Ian Curtis with Joy Division. That is what makes these two tracks so special. The simple optimism in Ceremony, and the chilling realism of In A Lonely Place. Two songs that harmonize Martin Hannett's incredible production. Two songs that spotlight some of the most overlooked drumming in rock. Two songs that cling to your emotions through Hooky's transcendental bass riffs. Two songs that let Bernard Sumner repeat the words that Ian was not left to sing. Together these songs absolutely belong as a standalone release. Because their place in Joy Division canon that lies at the dawn of New Order.

By: Car_Crash_Interior

A1 Ceremony

B1 In A Lonely Place

℗ Original 1981, Remaster 2019 Warner Music UK Limited.
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