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Vinyl LP pressing in gatefold jacket. 2019 release. Igor is the fifth studio album by rapper Tyler, The Creator. Produced entirely by Tyler, the album follows the 2017 release of Flower Boy. It features guest appearances from Playboi Carti, Lil Uzi Vert, Solange, Kanye West, and Jerrod Carmichael, along with backing vocals from Santigold, Jessy Wilson, La Roux, Ceelo Green, Charlie Wilson, Slowthai, and Pharrell, among others.


Not all love is forever, but love that does is rooted in friendship. If "Igor" taught me anything, is that human beings are fragile people. Tyler, the Creator returns after his successful, and magnum opus, "Flower Boy" touched mine and many other people's hearts. It's no question I enjoy Tyler's music, he's one of my favorite artists. However, I've seen flaws in his work. Each release building up to "Flower Boy" just wasn't quite at the peak of his talent. The crescendo of "Flower Boy" left Tyler in quite the pickle; Where do you go after you've created your masterpiece? To put it simply, he makes this album. "Igor" is an album full of lush, synth jams that hit you with each track. Melodies that carry you away into another world, Igor's World. The story of a man falling in love, ultimately letting them go, but still clinging on to that person. It's a story people can relate to for years, and years to come. Tyler pours his creative mind, his creative words, and his creative personality into this album. It shows just how talented Tyler Okonma, the human being, really is. His understanding of creating catchy chords, catchy bars, and meaningful lyrics is something truly to behold. "Igor" is special album that an artist strives for most, but some can never reach. This is what "Flower Boy" and all his subsequent LP's built up to, a love letter to everyone, a love letter to Tyler Okonma, and especially a love letter to Igor.

By: Jiji_chan

A1 Igor's Theme
A2 Earfquake
A3 I Think
A4 Boyfriend
A5 Running Out Of Time
A6 New Magic Wand
B1 A Boy Is A Gun
B2 Puppet
B3 What's Good
B4 Gone, Gone / Thank You
B5 I Don't Love You Anymore
B6 Are We Still Friends?

Record Label : Columbia