Mazzy Star - So Tonight That I Might See (Vinyl)

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On this, the band’s second album, the core emphasis remained a nexus point between country, folk, psych, and classic rock all shrouded in mystery, and Hope Sandoval's trademark drowsy drawl remained swathed in echo. The hit single “Fade Into You” brought Mazzy Star unprecedented success. Now available as a single LP on standard weight vinyl in celebration of Capitol Records’ 75th anniversary.


File this under super sedated drugged up girl fronted coma music. This album can get you stoned without drugs, and keep you captivated if you give it a chance. Bored by the samey style female fronted alternative bands of the early '90s I purposely ignored this one foolishly but regret it now. There are hints of The Velvet Underground here, and hints of My Bloody Valentine, it's all very warm and familiar somehow. It's also rather subtile, winding and of course it's beautiful. "Fade Into You" was a rather successful single for them not to mention one of the greatest songs on the album. "Blue Light", "She's My Baby", and their cover of "Five String Serenade" were also rather stand outish, but every songs bled together wonderfully and they all seemed to belong. Don't be a fool like me, give Hope a chance, and this is their best album to try first.

By: Goregirl

A1 Fade Into You
A2 Bells Ring
A3 Mary Of Silence
A4 Five String Serenade
A5 Blue Light
B1 She's My Baby
B2 Unreflected
B3 Wasted
B4 Into Dust
B5 So Tonight That I Might See

A Capitol Records release
Includes double sided insert