Mazzy Star - Still (Vinyl 12" EP)

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This is is an EP by American alternative rock band Mazzy Star, released on June 1, 2018 by the group's own independent record label, Rhymes of An Hour. It was their first release since the 2013 studio album Seasons Of Your Day, and was issued in dedication to founding drummer Keith Mitchell, and stage manager Tom Cashen, both of whom died in 2017. The EP contains a mixture of both new and old material, and received generally positive reviews upon release. The band promoted the release with several concerts at the Sydney Opera House. The EP was the final Mazzy Star release issued before co-founder David Roback died on February 24, 2020


An odd EP, in that the song you'd expect to be the best (the title track) is actually the worst, and the song you'd expect to be a throwaway is the best; the Ascension version of "So Tonight That I Might See" that closes this out is no mere bonus track for the dedicated fans, but is a full-blown reworking that removes the vaguely menacing, stomping drone of the original and takes the song in spacey, Floydian territory, all warm organs and guitar licks echoing off into the distance.  It reminds me more of "Maggot Brain" than of anything I've heard from Mazzy Star before - and while I haven't heard their last two albums, I have to assume that this is new territory for them entirely, because surely somebody would have played me the Mazzy Star stuff that sounds like this if it had existed before now?  

The piano ballad "Quiet, the Winter Harbor" is also well worth investigating.  It's much more typical of Mazzy Star's style, but its hazy, nonchalant, country-fried beauty is a fine example of all the things they've always been so good at, and would be a very welcome addition to any future greatest hits compilation.  (It has that kind of feel, actually; you could easily imagine this being a new single released to promote a Best Of, consciously written with one eye on giving newcomers a good idea of what to expect if they buy the album.)

By: Iai

A1 Quiet, The Winter Harbor
A2 That Way Again
B1 Still
B2 So Tonight That I Might See (Ascension Version)

Catalogue Number: Rhymes 006
Record Label: Rhymes Of An Hour