J Dilla - Donuts - 10th Anniversary Edition (2XLP Vinyl)

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Donuts began simply enough as an idea to turn a particularly good demo beat tape into a full-length release, and has since became a classic hip-hop album, one of the defining works of the artist's life. Completed during a year in which J Dilla spent mostly in a hospital bed at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Donuts would gain particular poignancy when, only three days after it's release, February 10, 2006, the artist passed away, losing his battle with a rare blood disease. Announced in Fall 2005, the concept of a “rap album without rappers” struck some as minor novelty, but Donuts would prove to transcend the rigid definitions of what a hip-hop album could be. It plays part like a DJ mix, part like a hip-hop beat maker at work, its songs starting and stopping unexpectedly, like someone turning the dial on an imaginary radio station. But it's an unmistakably modern album, and one which perfectly encapsulated the artist's reputation among his peers and fans as a top-rated architect of soulful hip-hop.


One thing that amazes me about this album is how it makes me feel.  This album creates a wonderful, happy feeling in me, but at the same time, it makes me sad because it reminds me how amazing the music that Dilla would be making would be if he was alive.  I try not to dwell on sad facts like that though, so it's mostly an incredible, happy feeling that I get when I listen to this album. Another thing that amazes me about this album is the production itself.  Basically, Dilla used the style of production that he used for his two beats on Be and took it to a whole new level.  He did a great deal of experimentation on this album, giving it a truly unique sound.  Also, the attention to detail on this album is ridiculous.  There are so many amazing little details in this album.  I never get tired of listening to it, not only because the beats are great, but also because there's something new to hear every time I listen to it.  It would be an understatement to say that these beats are good.  They're amazing.
Basically, this album is a musical achievement.  The only instrumental hip hop album that's better than this is Endtroducing.  If you like soulful, innovative beats that flow into each other to form a cohesive album that sounds practically like one amazing beat, then you can't go wrong with this album.  R.I.P. J Dilla.

By: Hiphophead5

A1 Donuts Outro
A2 Workinonit
A3 Waves
A4 Light My Fire
A5 The New
A6 Stop
A7 People
A8 The Diff'rence
B1 Mash
B2 Time: The Donut Of The Heart
B3 Glazed
B4 Airworks
B5 Lightworks
B6 Stepson Of The Clapper
B7 The Twister (Huh, What)
C1 One Eleven
C2 Two Can Win
C3 Don't Cry
C4 Anti-American Graffiti
C5 Geek Down
C6 Thunder
C7 Gobstopper
D1 One For Ghost
D2 Dilla Says Go

Record Label : Stones Throw Records

Cat No: STH2126D