My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade Is Dead! (2xLP Vinyl)

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The Black Parade Is Dead! is MCR's final performance as their onstage characters, the Black Parade. The Black Parade centres around a dying character called The Patient, who reflects on events in his life while he is confronted by Death in the form of his fondest memory, that of his father bringing him to see a marching band. This is based on frontman Gerard Way's belief that death comes to a person in the form of their fondest memory. The band is seen in their Black Parade uniforms throughout film of the performance, The record features My Chemical Romance's final performance as "The Black Parade" from the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico on October 7, 2007.

Customer Review

With Black Parade being my favorite era of theirs I was in my element! This has got to be one of their BEST performances of the Black Parade era ever! I got upset when Gerard announced on stage "The Black Parade is dead" because that truly was the end of black jackets, everything death, The Patient and Hospital, the make-up, the operatic stage presence and his beautiful blond and black hair....but that's just me! My favourite song of the album is Famous Last Words and this is the BEST performance of that song from Gerard on this record!

By: Courtney


A1 The End.
A2 Dead!
A3 This Is How I Disappear
A4 The Sharpest Lives
A5 Welcome To The Black Parade
B1 I Don't Love You
B2 House Of Wolves
B3 Interlude
B4 Cancer
B5 Mama
C1 Sleep
C2 Teenagers
C3 The Black Parade Is Dead
C4 Disenchanted
C5 Famous Last Words
C6 Blood
D1 Kill All Your Friends
D2 My Way Home Is Through You
D3 Heaven Help Us

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