Cat Stevens - Tea For The Tillerman (Vinyl)

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Following his spiritual and artistic rebirth, and hot on the heels of his incredibly well received release, ‘Mona Bone Jakon’, Cat Stevens unveiled his second album of the year in November 1970 … and it was to become one of the defining musical statements of the new decade. ‘Tea For The Tillerman’ not only consolidated Cat’s success in the UK and forged him a glittering new career in the USA, it also set him on the road to global superstardom and gave the world songs like ‘Wild World’, ‘Father & Son’, ‘Where Do The Children Play?’ and many more.

To commemorate the album’s 50th anniversary comes this stunning new 180 gram gatefold vinyl 2020 remaster of ‘Tea For The Tillerman’ by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road, overseen by original producer Paul Samwell-Smith.

Once upon a time, long before he adopted an unforgiving, wrong-headed and ultra-conservative brand of Islam, Cat Stevens was one of the best singer/songwriters on the planet. Say what you will about Cat Stevens' adoption of the Islamic faith (he's now known as Yusuf Islam), 'Tea for the Tillerman' is one of the greatest acoustic albums ever recorded, as well as being part of one of the best film soundtracks ever made (4 songs from the album can be heard in the touching black comedy 'Harold and Maude', along with several other Stevens songs).

Cat Stevens' recording history can be seen as a spiritual journey in search of the Truth (which led him eventually to becoming a Muslim), and nowhere is this more plain than on 'Tea for the Tillerman'. Songs such as "Wild World", "On the Road to Find Out", "Father and Son" and "Miles From Nowhere" all speak to a yearning for internal peace and harmony. Add in the achingly beautiful "Sad Lisa" and the social conscience of "Where do the Children Play?", and 'Tea for the Tillerman' is one of the best acoustic rock albums in both instrumental artistry and sublime melodies, with a lyrical depth and meaning for the lost generation after the Vietnam War who, like Cat Stevens, were searching for themselves. You may disagree with his current views, but 'Tea for the Tillerman' is a truly remarkable achievement.

By: Dark_Elf

A1 Where Do The Children Play?
A2 Hard Headed Woman
A3 Wild World
A4 Sad Lisa
A5 Miles From Nowhere
B1 But I Might Die Tonight
B2 Longer Boats
B3 Into White
B4 On The Road To Find Out
B5 Father And Son
B6 Tea For The Tillerman

Catalogue Number: 0602508820311

Record Label: Island