Bloc Party - Silent Alarm (Vinyl LP)

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Vinyl LP pressing. Silent Alarm is the debut studio album by British indie rock band Bloc Party. Recorded in Copenhagen and London in mid-2004 with producer Paul Epworth, it was released in February 2005 on Wichita Recordings. The record peaked at #3 on the United Kingdom Albums Chart. Silent Alarm went on to achieve worldwide sales of over one million copies. Bloc Party aimed to create an album that appealed to followers of different musical genres. Building on the arrangements in their demo songs recorded in 2004, the band members moulded tracks largely through live takes during the Silent Alarm studio sessions. The compositional focus was on rhythm and the drum and bass parts, while lyricist Kele Okereke's writing examined the feelings and hopes of young adults, including views on global politics.

On 180g heavyweight vinyl.


When Bloc Party was all the rage, I just could not get into their music. I saw them live, heard the hype and thought: "Why all the hubub and what am I not getting?". After just browsing a few sites on music in the 00's, I wanted to give them another try. Maybe it was just me being contrarian. It wasn't. I still don't get the hype. But what I did get was a genuine appreciation of this album. Although probably unnoticable for those of who only heard Helicopter on the radio, all of the songs on Bloc Party have some magnificent depth and layering to them. The bass and drum really push this album forward. I love it that I notice new, small, licks and tricks everytime I listen to this album with my headphones on. A great buy and I would recommend this album to almost anyone with a penchant for alternative music.

By: Maupertus

A1 Like Eating Glass
A2 Helicopter
A3 Positive Tension
A4 Banquet
A5 Blue Light
A6 She’s Hearing Voices
A7 This Modern Love
B1 The Pioneers
B2 Price of Gasoline
B3 So Here We Are
B4 Luno
B5 Plans
B6 Compliments

A1 to A3, A5 to B5 recorded at Deltalab Studios, Copenhagen and Miloco, Hoxten, June and July, 2004. A4 and B6 recorded at The Exchange, London. Mixed at Avatar Studios, NYC.

Comes with printed inner sleeve containing photos and credits.