Joni Mitchell - The Hissing Of Summer Lawns (Vinyl)

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180 Gram Vinyl. A singer, composer and lyricist of exceptional talent and unmatched influence, Joni Mitchell has crafted an extraordinary body of work spanning more than 40 years and is widely regarded as one of the brightest musical lights of recent generations. Fans, fellow musicians and critics have delighted in an ever-evolving creative journey, with songs both universal and profoundly personal. Her music has become a standard to which others are compared and which many aspire to copy, but its inventiveness and ineffable spirit make it decidedly her own. Explore the musical magnificence of Joni Mitchell.


How cool it must be to be Joni Mitchell. Possessor of life's most fertile aesthetic palate, vocals that twist like a rattlesnake caught on a branch of a tree, how she immerses herself in musical drama, freely, without concern for her own sanity (John Hiatt eat your lower intestines out), taking herself to all points until she simply flips her emotions over to turn a beautiful September golden brown. Well, with Joni it’s simple, trauma she very much had to persevere with for so much of her life, gets recycled into older, wiser observer ‘The Boho Dance’, donning her latest robes for ‘In France They Kiss on Main Street’ Joni enjoys to the full her parting shot to all pretenders. Here on Parisienne soil, the truly liberated act and think as one. As different to ‘Blue’ as ‘Abbey Road’ is to ‘Rubber Soul’, Mitchell transforms all she touches into a glowing tribute to life’s very basic events; be they platonic love, isolation, embittered rage, all of which gradually succumb to Mitchell’s seductive swingy Jazzy drones secured in its harness by electric piano and devilishly good woodwinds that personified everything good 1975 had to offer.

By: Kildare John

A1 In France They Kiss On Main Street
A2 The Jungle Line
A3 Edith And The Kingpin
A4 Don't Interrupt The Sorrow
A5 Shades Of Scarlett Conquering
B1 The Hissing Of Summer Lawns
B2 The Boho Dance
B3 Harry's House - Centerpiece
B4 Sweet Bird
B5 Shadows And Light


Re-release on 180 gram vinyl with original cover artwork. The spine says Asylum, but it does say "Rhino vinyl" on the outer packaging.