Bjork - Greatest Hits (2xLP Vinyl)

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A compilation album by the Icelandic musician and singer, originally released in November 2002. Although not all of Björk's singles are included on this collection, all of the songs on 'Greatest Hits' were released as singles. The tracks were selected by fans through a survey on Björk's website. 'Greatest Hits' presents the songs in descending order of most-popular votes, with the exception of 'It's In Our Hands' which was a new song and appears at the end of the compilation.


Björk isn’t an easy artist for a compilation. But I think Greatest Hits is something very satisfactory, therefore an easily recommendable selection. General albums of Björk require some kind of devotedness to get into. Both Debut and Post were inspiring musical journeys, but Homogenic was the album that deserved to be one of the most important records of the 1990s, in my opinion. Most of the material is selected from these three albums, then two songs from Vespertine, finally the brilliant ‘Play Dead’ (the song that made me a Björk fan for a while), which was a soundtrack, and a new song ‘It’s in Our Hands’, which is very much in the vein of the songs included from ‘Verspertine’.

Hard to select the favourites, as there no weak tracks here. The opening ‘All Is Full of Love’ was the closing track on Homogenic, however surprisingly works well as an opening piece in the more upbeat single version. Further standouts are ‘Jóga’, ‘Bachelorette’, ‘Pagan Poetry’, ‘Venus as a Boy’ and ‘Play Dead’. Some may miss ‘It’s Oh So Quiet’ from Post, which may be right, but maybe something from Selmasongs would have been also worth to add.

Excellent set overall, strongly recommended.

By: Sultan

A1 All Is Full Of Love
A2 Hyperballad
A3 Human Behaviour
A4 Jóga
B1 Bachelorette
B2 Army Of Me
B3 Pagan Poetry
B4 Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Minimix)
C1 Venus As A Boy
C2 Hunter
C3 Hidden Place
D1 Isobel
D2 Possibly Maybe
D3 Play Dead (Tim Simenon Remix)
D4 It's In Our Hands

Direct Metal Mastering (DMM).
Remastered direct from the original master tapes and pressed on 140g vinyl discs.