Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (2xLP Vinyl)

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This was the Red Hot Chili Peppers' fifth record, originally released in 1991 and the first to see the band start to crossover to mainstream success. It toned down the metal riffs of their previous 'Mothers Milk' (1989) LP and contained their first hit with the unusually quiet and reflective 'Under the Bridge'.

LP pressing on 2xLP 180-gram vinyl.

BSSM to me, is the ultimate Red Hot Chili Peppers statement of which, they have never exceeded. It was all too perfect for them in 1991. Lollapalooza, weird fashion, tattoos, 70's revival. The buzz and pop of John Frusciante's weathered Strat through a Marshall JCM800, Flea's aggressive and organic bass grooves, Chad Smith's Bonhamized funk drumming and Anthony Keidis's surfer pimp rapping was somehow the perfect anecdote to the musical polarity that was happening at the beginning of the grunge era and the end of hair metal. Every track has a purpose and story with hilarious and tantalizing visuals laced with bong bubble crooning and gangsta rap caliber profanity. It's just perfect! Listen to it beginning to end each time.

By: Beardedcraze02

A1 The Power Of Equality
A2 If You Have To Ask
A3 Breaking The Girl
A4 Funky Monks
A5 Suck My Kiss
B1 I Could Have Lied
B2 Mellowship Slinky In B Major
B3 The Righteaous And The Wicked
B4 Give It Away
C1 Blood Sugar Sex Magik
C2 Under The Bridge
C3 Naked In The Rain
C4 Apache Rose Peacock
D1 The Greeting Song
D2 My Lovely Man
D3 Sir Psycho Sexy
D4 They're Red Hot

Catalogue Number: 093624954163

Record Label: Warner