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Nirvana’s self-titled 7 x platinum-selling posthumous collection Nirvana makes its debut as a standard 33rpm single LP 180-gram heavyweight vinyl edition which features a download card.

Yes, indeed, a 5/5 for all the songs. But this is a compilation, and I rate compilations differently. What could have been done differently? I'm grateful for the excellent "You Know You're Right" being released, as well as the Blew EP version of "Been a Son" and the Scott Litt mix of "Pennyroyal Tea". But where's "Aneurysm"? Why not include the early song "Spank Thru"? "Love Buzz"? Wasn't that a single? Why not include "Even in His Youth", "Oh, the Guilt" and "Sappy" as essential rarities? (Oh, right, the box set the powers- that-be-over-Nirvana's-back-catalogue held onto for two more years, even though they released a demo version of "Even in His Youth" on that rather than also including the one that was a b-side to Smells Like Teen Spirit.) I praise this for being a good start for someone looking to get into Nirvana, but I must also criticize it for not including enough material to make it worth getting rather than just picking up Nevermind or In Utero.

By: glassflower

A1 You Know You're Right
A2 About A Girl
A3 Been A Son
A4 Sliver
A5 Smells Like Teen Spirit
A6 Come As You Are
A7 Lithium
B1 In Bloom
B2 Heart-Shaped Box
B3 Pennyroyal Tea
B4 Rape Me
B5 Dumb
B6 All Apologies
B7 The Man Who Sold The World

Catalogue Number: 0602547378781

Record Label: DGC / Sub Pop