I Am The Cosmos - Nothing But Love (Vinyl)

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Irish synth-pop duo Ross Turner and Cian Murphy.

Ross Turner and Cian Murphy’s I Am The Cosmos project isn’t exactly what you’d call prolific but the duo have made some electronic music that should stand the test of time since their inception that has been a regular feature on this site since 2012 album Monochrome.

Their newest music has moved more in an analogue house vein and the four tracks on the new release Nothing But Love EP feel like the result of music that has been pored over yet care has been ensured that the fun has been left in. Sometimes, as they told This Greedy Pig, that means scrapping an entire album to follow your instincts.

We’ve already heard ‘Making Me Wait’ from the EP on Art For Blind and there’s a lot of joy to be extracted from the other three songs on the EP – from the undulating sonics of the title track with backing vocals by Maria Somerville, the deep bass and percussive hits of ‘Understand Your Limits’ to the expansive gear-shifting ‘Death Is Not The End’.

By: Niall

1 Nothing But Love
2 Death Is Not The End
3 Making Me Wait
4 Understand Your Limits

Limited edition pressing (300 copies) on black vinyl with large format folding cover
150 gram pressing